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KAPAICHUMARIMARICHOPACO Zlatan Zlatan Zlatan oooohhhhh Zlatan!!! Gbe body eeeeeeee!!! We go dey killing them shaaaaaa!!!!

Our just concluded Match Day was unarguably one of the biggest events to hit Lagos during the Easter weekend.

The match day started with a fierce football play off between various teams and here’s a few things we learned from the matches, while core football fans bonded over the football matches, other social birds bonded & mingled at the side attraction corner, vendors were not left out. The courtyard was filled with people networking & chilling.

The football matches ended around 6pm and if you missed any part, here is a wrap up of what went down. The raffle itself was a different matter with people winning Samsung S10 and PS 4 from 500 naira tickets before the moment we’ve been waiting for, Zlatan Ibile’s performance.

Definitely one of the major highlights of the event, Zlatan Ibile shut down the house with his energetic performance while crowd cheered on, singing & dancing to his top jams. Powered by our amazing partner, TRJ Company Limited
Don’t believe us… here’s your proof. Keep Scrolling down!!!!

You know we love you, so here is a video to give you the full effect!!!!!!



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