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Your Music Update For May 2020

The month of May brought in new music releases from some of our favorite artistes, e.g. Our very own Champagne Papi and it’s quite obvious that the ongoing situation in the world is not stopping artistes from putting out new projects and getting their bags. As a result, we are going to be sharing our honest thoughts and opinions.

Drake’s Dark Lane Demo Tapes

Nine months after releasing Care package which was made up of some of his singles from 2010-2016, he returned with a new mix tape which features previously released singles, leaks and some new material. The featured artistes on the mix-demo tape include Chris Brown, Young Thug and Playboi Carti.

The presentation of this project was an effective way of removing the high expectations that comes along with a Drake studio album, which allows him to play around and try new sounds and flows which wouldn’t make sense on his proper album.

Some of the previous releases includes “Toosie Slide” which was basically a calculated move and it was painfully obvious that it was a cash grab. “War” is and will always remain lazy take on UK Grime.

The most anticipated track on the playlist was” Pain 1993” turned out to be the most disappointing mainly because Playboi Carti’s “baby voice” was pitched up even higher than we’re used to hearing. It was immediately rejected. Within minutes, fans were already making “Carti-less” versions of the song.

Drake has his weak moments lyrically, but the instrumentals are consistently top notch e.g. we cannot deny the mesmerizing instrumental and Young Thug’s adlibs on “D4L” .However, we have to say that while the mix tape didn’t exactly suck, it wasn’t great either,we don’t see any of the songs on the album being a summer hit. So we’re just going to wait for the release of the studio album.

Slime & B

The ‘Slime & B’ mixtape runs 12-tracks deep and features big names like Future, Too Short and Gunna and production credit include our faves, Murda Beatz and OG parker. Earlier this year Chris Brown teased that there would be a project with Young Thug on Instagram, ,equipping fans with as much hope as doubt; these lofty, ambitious collabs seem to fall victim to delays and other inhibitors that eventually delay or erase its validity. But, luckily, that isn’t the case with Slime & B — this project exists, and it is here.

The R&B singer then made good on his promise and the mixtape was released on all streaming services on the 5th of May , which just so happened to be Breezy’s 31st birthday.

The R&B mogul is popular for dropping mixtapes with names like Tyga, Kevin McCall and DJ Drama. E-40 is also featured on the mixtape.

It Was Good, Until It Wasn’t

It’s true what they say, heartbreak really makes for the best song writing inspiration. Following her highly publicized break up from Compton rapper “YG” in February, Kehlani released a 15 tracked album titled “IT WAS GOOD, UNTIL IT WASN’T” on the 8th of MAY. The project is a candid representation of the heart and soul of the songwriter and her ability to dissect her own emotional vulnerability with cutting, incisive songwriting, all whilst retaining her pop-inspired sensibilities is a major factor that contributes to the album’s success.

The featured artistes on the album include Tory Lanez, Jhene Aiko, Masego, Lucky Daye, James Black and a skit from our favorite hottie Meg thee Stallion.

One track in particular,.”Everybody’s Business” created a buzz on the internet” . Kehlani confronts the rumors surrounding her personal life, addresses cheating allegations on her former partner and fellow musician PartyNextDoor with on former partner with Brooklyn Nets point guard Kyrie Irving. She goes “ I hear every word they talk,try not to care at all ,I know it’s frontin, don’t know me from nothing”.. There is something ”mantric” and self affirming about this song.

Generally there’s an emotional maturity that’s palpable on this project and it’s highly recommended for those trying to sort out their emotions.

Say So

The original song, thanks to its catchy lyrics, instrumental and appealing visuals gained popularity on TikTok, a popular app that allows users to create dance routines in 2019 and once one was created it became an unstoppable force. As of today there are 20 million TikTok dances with the song alone.

Fast forward to the 1st of May 2020, Doja Cat joined forces with the self acclaimed queen of rap, Nicki Minaj to release a remix to the song due to fans clamoring for a collaboration as their fan bases have a huge overlap. For us, it was love at the first listen and the iconic collaboration definitely completed the song. The original song featured only Doja’s vocals and was, quite frankly, repetitive and vague. However, when Nicki appeared on the remix, she changed everything.
From the very first seconds of the song, the remix is established as different from the original with Nicki ad-libbing lines like “This the remix” with her signature tongue roll. After the short intro and chorus, the song immediately jumps into Nicki’s verse and of course it goes hard!!!.

However fans took to twitter when they speculated that the latter part of the outro which goes; “Why you talkin’ ’bout who body fake? With all the fillers in your face, you just full of hate That real a– ain’t keep your n—a home Now you lookin’ silly, that’s word to silicone “was a jab at tv host,Wendy Williams, However the rapper took to her Insta story to address the situation. The song of course turned out to be a hit as it currently ranks no.1 on the “Hot 100 billboard”chart.

Savage Remix

Hotties assemble!!.Now, though the single was released on the 30th of April, it’s still a worthy mention. “Savage” was already making its rounds on the Billboard charts, with the record exploding on Tik Tok due to it’s challenge which went VIRAL!!! and with this new remix the track’s livelihood is even further extended. The song already had all the elements for a modern day hit, with the hook being inescapably catchy and Megan Thee Stallion putting her rapping abilities on full display. Beyoncé only further adds to the appeal of the record by spitting a grade-A verse, proving yet again that her versatility is unmatched. This “Savage” remix is a reminder that at any time Beyoncé can flip a switch and effortlessly deliver a verse that brings an entire new energy to a track. Her verse is littered with iconic and relatable, including “Hips tick tock when I dance ( an obvious play on words seeing as the original song gained popularity on Tik Tok)/On that Demon Time, she might start an OnlyFans (OnlyFans)”,” if you don’t jump to put jeans ,baby you don’t feel my pain”, trust that a lot that a lot of ladies will relate to that. This continues to show how consistent and timeless Beyoncé’s work is.

This remix is the cherry on top for an album run that has been an obvious success, despite the major setback with her record label”1501 Certified Entertainment” attempting to block the release of “Suga” initially, she is doing remarkably well and this is indicative that Megan Thee Stallion will continue to be one of the biggest stars in music. Beyoncé doesn’t just lend her efforts to anyone, so for her to finally link up with the Houston hottie spells great things for Megan Thee Stallion’s long-term career.

We can say that despite the fact that we are still coping with quarantine life, musicians and artists all over the world are releasing plenty of work to keep us all going.

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