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Are you tired of having to cook every single day to feed yourself? Or are you bored of cooking the same thing every day? Do you miss dressing up and going to a nice restaurant with your friends and eating amazing food? We’ve got you covered.

We know it’s still lockdown season so Mohammed can’t go to the mountain but with a little research we came up with a list of some mountains that deliver! Check out our list of restaurants offering delivery services in Lagos.

It’s a perfect way for you to kill two birds with one stone! You get to sample some of the finest food in Lagos to break up the boredom and help some of the great restaurants who are being hit incredibly hard by the lockdown restrictions. All menus and delivery info for the restaurants are available on their social media pages.

Chop Life on a budget

With the effect the lockdown is having on everyone’s pockets, we came up with a list of places you can check out without breaking bank. You can go wrong with pocket friendly fast food places like KFC, Domino’s Pizza, Debonairs Pizza, Chicken Republic and Mega Chicken. If you’re craving something different but still in that price range, you can check out Urban Fuxion, BBQ and Cravings or Toasties by Biscuit Bone. Pair any of this meals up with some cheap wine from the neighbourhood supermarket, put on a movie and you’ve got yourself a nice evening. You can always check out platforms like Jumia food and for a wider range of options as well.

Chop Life * 100

If you’re in the mood for something fancier than fast food, we’ve got you covered too! With a little research and the help of EatDrinkLagos, here are some of the fancier restaurants now offering delivery services:

Craft Gourmet
Ile Eros
Z Kitchen
Thai Thai
La Taverna
HSE Gourmet
Talindo Steakhouse
Nok by Alara
Memories of Ethiopia
Atmosphere Rooftop.

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