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A glorious year of football is coming to a close soon, with the upcoming LigaSFL finale! If all we have seen all season is anything to go by, then we are in for a treat.

Many have suggested that this is already the greatest ever LigaSFL season, and it is clear to see why. From breathtaking football to astonishing goals, from breakout stars to magical debutants; this season has had it all and it isn’t even over yet. We still have two huge finals coming up, between the best of the best.

In the female category, the competition has been fierce and close. We saw a lot – a 2-year unbeaten run getting smashed to smithereens, goalkeepers making impossible saves, counter-pressing masterclasses, fantastic duos and trios, dribbles and sublime passes, and football that drew reactions from football fans inside and outside the arena.

What awaits us is a final for the ages between two teams that delivered two of the most memorable and enjoyable games in the history of the league; Alimosho Ladies FC and Raineri Ladies FC. Anybody who saw their clashes will almost certainly be able to name at least seven players from either team without thinking twice, all impressive players. Such was the magnitude of their performances.
The commentators waxed lyrical, the fans cheered, and the players gave them action after action to remember. There is one more game left between them, the game to decide this season’s champions. Both teams suffered setbacks during the season, both lost form at certain points, and both surmounted challenges while on the brink of elimination.

Pressure is clearly nothing to them. You just know there is still a lot of drama in store for us in the final. Will we see a last minute winner after a cagey affair or a goalfest with both teams coming with all guns blazing? One thing that is guaranteed is that we will see a game for the ages. Fans are already tagging it “The Great Mainland Showdown”.

In the male category, the competition has been full of unbelievable drama. The team that topped the table for most of the season and looked like favourites for the title didn’t even make the playoffs.

They lost it in the final two machdays of the regular season. Talk about drama! The table toppers ended up being debutants Egba City FC, who are now in the final. This team has been one of the most difficult teams to score against in the history of the league.

Nobody really saw them coming and they seemed to relish it. Quietly, they dispatched team after team, often mesmerising the fans with some sublime play.

The other finalists? Former Champions Dannaz FC. This team did not even look like they could make the playoffs at some point, but they went on an unbelievable run and drove into a playoff spot.

The most remarkable thing about them is the kind of goals they have scored. In their team alone, they can produce at least five goals that are firmly goal-of-the-season contenders. The final will be a fiercely contested affair between

  • a team that can keep it tight at the back while hurting you with their sublime use of channels and half-spaces and
  • a team that can score any type of goal, with a midfield trident that is the envy of Lagos.

We cannot wait for “The Super Thriller”!

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