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When he now finally got there, baba said that he can’t pay – My Worst Date Story

Last weekend, we saw all the hilarious worst date stories that trended on social media so we hit up our SociaLiga community for their stories about dates from hell. After arguing for days about whether it can still be called a date if the person doesn’t show up, we finally settled on our top 4 stories!

So I had been talking with this girl over the phone for a while. Flirting and stuff like that and I eventually asked her to hang out with me in person. I proper dressed up and was excited because she was pretty cute but when I got to the venue, I met her and another guy there. Then she introduced us and that’s when I found out he was her boyfriend! Long story short, she said her and her boyfriend wanted to get something to eat so she figured he could tag along too so we could  all hang out and chill in person. Omo, I sha chop my food and went back to my house in awe. Women will disgrace you.

So my birthday was coming up and this guy kept insisting that he wanted to take me and my cousin out to see a movie and after plenty talk we finally agreed. To start, we agreed to meet at Genesis at 12pm but he kept us waiting for over an hour. When he now finally got there, baba said that he can’t pay. His story was that he needed to go and collect money from his brother because the “ATM isn’t working” and that I should pay for the 3 of us and he will pay me back later. I just started laughing. So beside my table there was this guy also celebrating his birthday who had been trying to talk to me earlier but I ignored him because I didn’t want to be rude to my supposed ‘date.’ The guy walked up to us and offered to pay for all of us and the other ode agreed. I just told my cousin and the new guy that we should leave the place and go somewhere else and left my ‘date’ there.


Me and this guy had been chatting online 24/7 steady but we hadn’t video called or seen in person before. So the guy asked me to meet him at a hotel but I told him that wasn’t proper for the first time so we agreed to get food instead from Purple Bistro. Then I asked him if I could come with a friend and he said no problem. Fast forward to the day, I got there and me and my friend waited for almost 2 hours and tried calling him but he didn’t pick up. When he eventually picked up the phone, he told me “I’m in the black Lexus in front of you” and me and my friend just stood there in the sun like mumus for fifteen minutes looking for a black Lexus. Eventually we got tired, ordered our food and went home. Only for me to come online and discover that the boy had blocked me.


So I went out on a date with this guy and while we were eating, he asked me to stay over with him in his apartment in Ikoyi so that the next day he would take me to the market to buy stuff like pepper that I’ll use to cook for him. Imagine! If you want to invite me to your place fine, which one is now that I’ll use my Saturday morning to go to the market and cook for you. Anyway, I am diplomatic so I lied that I was planning a surprise birthday for my friend and they were waiting for me in school. He was still arguing that ‘no! Can’t they do the birthday without me? I said ‘no oh! I’m the chief planner!’

After the dinner, when we were in an elevator to the ground floor, that’s how this man came to where I was standing and grabbed my waist and started pull my dress down. I was struggling to put him to one side and using style to laugh. When we got out I ordered a cab but he insisted that he will drop me off instead. Inside the car I could not breathe. He kept talking about me coming to his place but I kept telling him I’m not interested. So I texted my friends to be calling me and shouting at me on the phone but when he heard the angry calls he was like tell them “I will send them money!”. When we were in the car, he now dragged me to his side and started raising my dress up, dragging my face trying to kiss me. It was a struggle oh! At some point I just started praying for my life, that “God, you are the only one that I have! Nobody sent me here! Don’t let food kill me!”

The only thing that saved me was that driver was in the car if not… Eventually he let me get down. Many of these men are rapists sha. They’ll rape and they’ll now beg you with money.


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