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What I Wish I knew – University Students

For our new Naija Life column, we’re speaking to everyday Nigerians dealing with everyday struggles/mistakes and experiencing everyday milestones about their unique and personal regrets. To find out the biggest ‘Had I known of the average Nigerian’, we simply ask  ‘What do you wish you knew before you…’ in topics ranging from marriage, to education and starting a business.

This week, we start by asking Nigerian students and graduates what they wish they knew before going to university.


I wish I knew that my mental health was just as important as my physical health. You spend so much time trying to eat right, go to classes and meet up with deadlines, you forget about yourself and feelings and i wish i knew to take it easier with myself


I’d say politics. Mine was all fucked up, sexism, homophobia, etc. I was always judging people, especially women because in high school the girls always took the most punishments for these kinds of things. Spent too much time judging women and too little actually living so yeah, that.


Money isn’t easy. you just keep spending and chopping life and you don’t actually realize that you need to save for your future if that makes sense. Your parents might sponsor you forever, but at some point, you’ll be embarrassed to ask for stuff.


You would drink and/or do drugs at SOME point. This is bad advice but also good advice. Uni is a place to experiment and try out things so yea. Also, forget about sleeping before 12, this is real life, not a movie.


Uni is very lonely. You may have great friends around but it can get pretty lonely and overwhelming so try not to disconnect from the relationships you’ve formed


I wish I knew how to choose myself before I got into uni. I spent too much time sacrificing myself and happiness for others and when I realized it was already who I was and too late to change.


The uni experience they show you on tv is one where you go there and find love. I wish I knew not to “keep” myself for a love I’d never find but just have fun, be a slut, go to parties, etc


I wish I’d known that your first friend is usually not gonna be your friend by the second semester. And also that you seemingly have a lot more free time than you actually do, so use it wisely.

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