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What I Wish I Knew – Moving To Lagos

For a lot of Lagosians, living in Lagos isn’t a unique experience. The traffic, the noise, the nightlife, the energy, and the aggressiveness of the city are just part of its charm. Lagos is Lagos. But for a lot of people who move to Lagos after living in other Nigerian cities for most of their life, adapting to the Lagos experience can be difficult.  This week, we ask some Nigerians what they wish they knew before moving to Lagos.

Jeff, 27
Hmm, for me it would be the crowd. Everywhere seems like a marketplace. I lived in a really small city before here so it seemed really overcrowded when I moved. Every gathering I see, I think something is going on but it’s never really a gathering. Just people.

Amira, 30
Omg, the traffic!  Nothing prepares you for how bad the traffic actually is. You see all the tweets o, and you try to imagine it but omo. In real life, it’s actually hell.

Amanda, 22
I moved here last year for school. Honestly the most shocking part is the parties. Every Saturday, without fail, the people of Lagos are partying. What even is there to celebrate every week?

Munir, 28
Lol. I wish i knew that no one knows or CARES who you are in Lagos. I grew up in Abuja and really, everyone knows each other there, like a small community. In Lagos? No one knows you. They don’t even want to know you. If you do anyhow you’ll see anyhow, before you even get a chance to ask if they know who you are.

Jennifer, 25
Housing is not cheap ooo. Don’t let google and co lie to you. If you have a budget, double it. Infact triple it. The cost of living is alarming.

Abdulrasheed, 43
That it never stops. Lagos people never stop. People are moving, working, hustling 24/7 and it just never stops. Even at 4am, it seems as busy as the day.

Nneka, 24
What I wish I knew would be that I should just take an Uber everywhere. When I got here, I tried to take buses and taxis and I would ALWAYS miss my stop. Every single time o. And the money I would spend to get back there, oh my God.

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