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It’s remarkable that a player that has done all that Neymar has done in the sport is still constantly overlooked and disrespected. Once again, during this international break, Neymar showed just how much of a top player he is, helping Brazil win two very important games. From completing 18 dribbles against Bolivia, constantly being a thorn in their flesh, to scoring a hattrick against Peru to help Brazil come from behind twice. It is clear that Neymar isn’t just one of the best players in the world, he actually has a strong case for being regarded as the best in the world. Obviously, there are other players with strong cases as well.

What Neymar has shown through his career has been undeniable. Many have failed to see it probably due to bitterness about his move to PSG and Ligue or his antics and theatrics on the field in the past. But that aside, if one is looking at pure talent and track record, it is easy to see just how much respect Neymar should be getting which he isn’t.

There has been a lot of embarrassing British punditry about him which has been driven by sheer ignorance and bitterness about a player many have either forgotten about or just don’t watch regularly. On his day, which is usually pretty much every week, Neymar is unplayable. He is a player who consistently delivers excellently in terms of goal contributions (goals and assists) while simultaneously affecting the game from deeper positions; whether ball-carrying or dribbling or playing penetrative passes and through balls. He is the most complete he has ever been and his ability to be decisive offensively while dictating the game in midfield is one of the rarest qualities in the sport.

Many will try to minimize Neymar’s achievements but what is clear is that there are certain things you just can’t wipe off. Beyond his obviously excellent player, his track record is incredible. What he has been able to achieve in his career, even with injuries constantly getting in the way, is remarkable.

Perhaps he still needs another CL triumph, a World Cup title and a big personal award like Ballon d’Or to get anywhere near the level of respect he has earned. However, even if he never gets around to doing these, his career, talent, abilities, and track record still deserve a lot of respect. Neymar is one hell of a player, a player who can claim to be the best in the world without anyone daring to question him right now. What a player!

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