The Round Up, World Football

Before we delve in to The Round Up of world football in the past week, might we ask: What is happening to the role of CAM in world football?! Asin what exactly is going on?

What is happening to the number 10 position? Have we seen the last of the likes of Fabregas and Andres Iniesta? Why is Philipe Coutinho, one of the finest AMs in the business seemingly out of job and with nowhere to go? Gotze is gone, Mata is only counting his days now, Reus is a fairytale that never was, Dele Alli’s trial period has elapsed, Eriksen is doing donkey-work and everything but CAM duties in Milan, Ozil is deadwood, James is scampering for minutes…Sigh!

Is this truly the end of the ‘man in the hole’ in world football? Are all we have left pacey and electric wingers? Are we really and truly left in the hands of the Leroy Sane’s and the Wilfred Zaha’s. Sad thoughts indeed…

Anyway, to more pressing matters. What interesting stories has football treated us to over the last couple of days? Let’s eavesdrop on this light banter that is ensuring between two football fans who are discussing last week’s football activities.

Tobe: Chelsea really drop all that kain money take pursue Werner and those other boys for attack, kon leave this Aregbesola abi wetin be him name for post. Nawa o! Which kain defense be that sef, with all those nonsense wey dey keep for back?!

Tunde: Yo, broooo! I think it’s all down to the naivety of Lampard in rallying his troops. Man probably lacks the know-how to organize his side defensively, all he knows and cares for is fluid attacking play. Meanwhile, what was that horrendously poor attacking play in fact in that Sheffield game in fact?!

Tobe: I no wan hear that one abeg. After their game against Crystal Palace, dey say Zouma na Maldini reborn. Let’s call it what it is: some of those players are not living up to the billing. Dem no dey try. And as to the attack, if we talk too much now dem go they shout CHO! CHO!!, like say we beg carbohydrate from their hand.

Tunde: Hahahaha!!! Speaking of Billing though, what did Leicester do against Bournemouth on Sunday now? I was really hoping to see my boy, Iheanacho, in the Champions League next season o. Seems that’s out the window now.

Tobe: Omo! That reminds me oooo! Champions league draws were on Friday. Bruv, how you see that ojoro wey PSG run now. Free road to the finals hahahaha!

Tunde: Fam that’s cap! Atletico are going through from that end. But see how stacked the other side is. Obviously Barca is out. *Chuckles* But I can’t lie, I wish Madrid would deck City so we’ll have an Ororo derby in the quarter finals.

Tobe: You no like atorodo derby? mtcheeew! Ogaaaa City is thrashing Madrid come second leg. Aren’t you seeing how they’re lining teams 5-0 back to back in EPL. So far say De Bruyne dey fit and Aguero is back, nothing dey sup at Etihad. Madrid dey komot!

Tunde: Hmm okay! Na how una dey always underestimate Madrid, small time dem go reach final una go kon dey ask how. Don’t underestimate those Spanish teams o. Even Barca sef fit shock us *Laughs mockingly*

Tobe: Greenwood nii…ogaaa!

Tunde: Yooo! You’re in on the program! You are feeling my boy Greenwood innit?!

Tobe: Don’t start abeg. Boy is just decent, you people should let us hear word. There are teams with better youngsters wey no make noise reach una.

Tunde: Babaaa! If you see something that is good, say it is good! This guy is good. Crazy shooting technique, brilliant goal sense, fleet footed, skillful, fast, confident…brooooo!!!

Tobe: Nothing person no go hear. He is sha not the best youngster around. Boys like Foden and Saka are doing the Lord’s work elsewhere, you no dey see us dey shout. Na mediocrity dey cause all dis wan.

Tunde: Hahahahaha! Guy that is hate. None of those guys can hold the candle to Greenwood right now. Where was your Saka when Son and boys were tidying Arsenal on Sunday?! Or Foden wasn’t there when Southampton was flogging Man City last week?! *Hiss* Greenwood is by far the best of the youngsters in Europe right now! Just wait let him fully peak, y’all are finished!

Tobe: In Europe!? You don dey smoke that thing again abi!?

Tunde: Hahahaha!… I said what I said bro.

Tobe: You go just dey knack teeth dey talk rubbish. Abeg help me run betslip jare, enough games dey this week. And if I see any rubbish Chelsea straight-win again this time, na fight o.

Tunde: Hehehehe! Bro I’ve apologized now, who thought Sheffield would do my boys like that. Moreso, those Chelsea guys are playing United, Liverpool, Wolves and Bayern back to back. Where are they stealing the straight win from?!

Tobe: Exactly! Just help me run am, put Madrid straight win and some others. Cos if Madrid win on thursday they win La Liga. E sure say Zidane no go snooze.

Tunde: Good! At least all these Messi people will let us hear word small. Oga sha do small small on this your betting o.

Tobe: Mtcheew! You don start! Cook bet slip give me make I bet my thing in peace abeg, before you start dey shout your Ronaldo now. Think say na to dey use penalty take score every time.

Tunde: Hehehehe! Small play. All right now bro. See you next week.

Tobe: Okay bro. Take care baba, and enjoy all the games this week.

Tunde: I sure will. Have a fun week ahead yourself.

It promises to be a great week boasting many interesting games for all football lovers, and as always we will be here to bring you all the latest players’ gist and teams’ stories as they unravel.

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