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Toke Makinwa Inspired Fashion Accessories You Need This Rainy Season

We can’t stop the rain but we can protect ourselves and get ready for its unannounced entrance at any given time. From torrential downpours to light drizzles, instead of letting the wet weather put a damper on your day, these rainy day fashion essentials will get you through these blustery storms.

So, lets get going.

1. Chic Sweaters
Where else shall we start if not from the Glam Boss herself. This picture oozes too much sauce too say the least. Anyway, it is important that you cover up nicely during this chilly season as you can protect yourself from flu and cold that comes attached with the rainy season. A good and fashionable way is to invest in sweaters of good fabrics. It serves a protective layer keeping your body warm and dry.

Credit: IG - @tokemakinwa

2. Waterproof Handbags
We all need to go about our daily activities and duties, and this doesn’t stop the rains. Leather and cloth-type purses, handbags do not go down well with rain. You can’t leave home without your makeup, phone and other gadgets you may need for work or school. So you can go for big plastic totes and large colourful purses in attractive colours. These transparent carry-alls are also a chic option for books, files and papers.

Credit: Pinterest

3. Rubber Shoes
You do not have to worry about walking in the rain. These rubber shoes are water friendly and come in a variety of stylish options. These are shoe-savers!!!


4. Umbrellas
This is by default. An umbrella is always a must-have during the rainy season except you love the feel of rain showering down on you. Umbrella protects your hair, clothes and yourself from getting drenched by the rain so it gives you the necessary protection. With a variety of options out there, your umbrella does not have to be boring!


5. Rain Coat!
I am sure most of you think that raincoat is for children. Well, there is so much your umbrella can do. With a raincoat, you don’t have to worry about carrying an umbrella around. It can easily fit into your bag. The “fitter” the better.


Let’s do a recap of your options again.

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