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The 2019 Bet9jaSociaLiga season gave us 25 goals on #SociaLigaMD1, someone who won a PS4 with just 500 naira and a huge party with Zlatan Ibile. From the comebacks, penalties, screamers and stunning saves to the beautiful people, good food and solid jamz, the pitch and courtyard was buzzing all day long. We are ready to do it again on May 25 with #SociaLigaMD2. Now is definitely a good time to get your tickets from our online shop page and if you don’t believe me then take a look at #aFewThings to anticipate at #SociaLigaMD2.

Our Match Day 1 was electrifying and interesting, everyone in attendance could not stop talking about it and we are so excited to announce Match Day 2 is on the 25th of May, 2019.

To be fair to everyone that wants to feel the SociaLiga Magic, we came up with some things you should expect to see at the next match day.

Beautiful People

While preparing for the SociaLiga, you should have it at the back of your mind that you will meet amazing people, new friends, old friends, your foes and your EX. I always say Be Ready to Socialize, get new contacts and endless opportunity or let’s say ‘the love of your life’. The ladies are always looking beautiful and radiant and the guys are super cute, you don’t want to miss the sight of all these people.

Great Football

One thing I can assure you is the fire the football teams bring to the match, it’s a good experience and you will love it. They give a new meaning to football as they display their talents, skills and ability to control the ball. It’s always interesting to watch.

Bet9jaSociaLiga MatchDay 1 : What We Learned So Far

The 2019 Bet9jaSociaLiga season gave us 25 goals on Matchday 1. The were comebacks, penalties, screamers and stunning saves with just 1 draw from 6 matches played. Players like Obakimi Joshua (Dannaz), Chizzy (Royals) and Tomison (Raineri) were on very good form to deliver the trills all day at CIS Lekki. Here are #aFewThings we learned from the games.

Side Attraction Games

This ranges from bouncing castle, scrabble, chess, balloon down, beer pong, cards and so on.

Now is a good time to get your tickets!

The good part is that it is 50% off on our shop page until May 24.

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