Bet9jaSociaLiga MatchDay 1 : What We Learned So Far

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The 2019 Bet9jaSociaLiga season gave us 25 goals on Matchday 1. The were comebacks, penalties, screamers and stunning saves with just 1 draw from 6 matches played. Players like Obakimi Joshua (Dannaz), Chizzy (Royals) and Tomison (Raineri) were on very good form to deliver the trills all day at CIS Lekki. Here are #aFewThings we learned from the games.

Bet9jaSociaLiga MatchDay 1 #WrapUp

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#SociaLigaMD1 had everything! Incredible goals, world class saves, amazing tackles, crazy comebacks, high-scoring games and so much more. What a start! Yes!!!! We are off again!!!! From Saints, to Alimosho, to Dannaz, to Saints Ladies, to Guns and the rest, the Bet9jaSociaLiga 2019 will definitely be LIT!!!!!

#SociaLigaMD1 Preview: Dannaz Fc Vs Royals Fc

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An opening game against the champions, Dannaz, is exactly the kind of game Royals would have hoped to avoid at this stage of the season. The key battle will likely happen in the Royals half, especially in the first half. Dannaz FC will be expected to press high, relentlessly and Royals FC would have to respond to that in order to get a result.

SociaLiga Playoffs Preview: Mainland Conference

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And then they were six. New boys, Bravos Knights and Raineri Ghosts have enjoyed an impressive debut season in The SociaLiga by claiming the first two spots in the Mainland Conference. Last season’s Mainland Conference Champions, Royals FC, overcame a slow start to the season to finish in 3rd place and make the playoffs for […]

Mainland Conference Teams & The Coming Transfer Window


The 2017 mid-season transfer window opens up for SociaLiga clubs on Tuesday, 1st August and closes on the 31st. Judging by their performances in the league thus far as well as examining lingering problems from the 2016 season, we’ll be giving hot takes as well as recommending moves we feel teams should be making to […]