Do You Have Exquisite Taste? Visit Z Kiitchen Lagos

Crave Factory

One of the unique things about touring the city is exploring the restaurants and food. Damie Darling is on the quest to finding the right spots so you can save yourself the stress. She recently visited Z Kitchen Lagos and one thing is for sure, if you are looking for a budged friendly restaurant, this Z Kitchen may not be your first option but if you like classy, exquisite service, the you are most likely one of your best options.

Special Fried Rice With Chicken In Chilli

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This recipe for special fried rice isn’t regular as it combines turmeric with regular Asian flavors resulting in this epic creation that would surely blow your mind. We have to add a sauce to it or it won’t be complete and our chicken in chilli is a combo made in heaven. Might seem complex but it really isn’t. Get in here now to get started.