#SociaLigaMD1 Creatives Had a Great Time

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On the 20th of April, 2019 at #SociaLigaMD1 we invited different talents to showcase themselves to the audience and everyone was thrilled by the beautiful performance from them. We had a Singer, Rapper, Disc Jockey and a Photographer who were part of the Creative Community.

3 Things An Artist Requires To Get The Attention Of A Record Label

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Artist development was traditionally done by an arm of a record label but with everything on the world wide web these days. Artists have direct access routes to production and music distribution. Today label’s aren’t looking to develop new talent from scratch. The industry is highly competitive and they would much rather back a complete package in order to recoup investments faster

SociaLiga Creative Community Takes Off

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Are you talented? Is creativity your thing? Are you a musician, graffiti artist, cartoonist, illustrator, comedian, skit maker, copywriter, media/event planner, stuntman, football enthusiast/commentator, dancer, craftsman /woman, performer, beatboxer? This is for you