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Nigerians Tell Us What It Is Like To Be Fasting During A Pandemic

Naija Life

Even as Governor Ganduje of Kano, last week Friday commended the people of Kano on their undertaking of the spiritual activity – Ramadan, the question still looms: How will Muslims go about their fasting in this global emergency that we find ourselves. There is plenty talk about commendations for willingness to fast and prayers been made, but it is also important to ask how our Muslim friends are handing this pandemic – viz-a-viz participating in this Holy Month of Ramadan.

5 Terms You Should Be Able To Explain To A Five Year Old During This Period

a Few Things, Socia, SociaLiga

Naturally, a child has a very curious mind and as such is always ready to ask questions and explore. With the current happenings all over the world it is expected that he or she will be confused as to why everyone is at home, sad or frustrated that he/she can’t see his/her friend and extended family or even worried that someone he/she loves will get sick.

Foods and fruits that have proven helpful in this period

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We can’t control a lot about the coronavirus but with precautions such as washing your hands, social distancing, exercising and getting enough sleep, you can lower your risk of infection. While there are no foods that can prevent or fight against COVID-19 (despite whatever WhatsApp BC you’ve seen said) a healthy diet is always an asset.

Four classic football matches available to watch on YouTube

a Few Things, Liga, World Football

We all miss football. So until football comes back we decided to come up with a list of old classic football matches that are worth revisiting now until football makes a comeback. We only picked games from the last decade because we want all the games to be in HD.

Dealing with anxiety – 3 helpful tips to stay calm during this period

A Better You, a Few Things

With the rapid increase in numbers of confirmed cases in Nigeria and the world at large and the uncertainty as regards the impact the virus will have on a lot of things, it’s really hard to keep calm and stay sane. To be honest it’s really taking an emotional toll on most of us!

Working From Home : What Remote Workers Are Saying

Money Talk

One of the things that go deep with people, apart from their education, is their job. To most people, work is not just ‘work’; it means much more than work. Work is meant to be fun, regardless of the role. People want to find fulfilment, satisfaction and meaning from their jobs. People have expectations as to how they want to be seen and treated as an employee. They apparently know better and, consequently, demand better.

Dealing with corona virus – a football lover’s perspective

a Few Things, SociaLiga

Nothing since World War II in 1939 has disrupted the world of sports like this coronavirus pandemic. There is no football to watch, no football is being played. Sports is at a standstill. Below is a breakdown of the happenings in the world of sports since this 2019/2020 pandemic episode began, viz-a-viz our projections into the future, post- coronavirus pandemic era.