These are the most frequently asked questions, and their answers, since we listed on GetEquity recently

You own equity in SociaLiga, You can also choose to liquidate your equity at any point through the GetEquity secondary market.

The SociaLiga’s current valuation is $10m, and any amount you invest entitles you to a certain percentage equity in the business. For example, if you invest $100,000, it means you have bought into 1% of the business. For more details, see table below;

Amount Invested ($)

Percentage of Company Buy-in











No, investment in The SociaLiga is not like the stock or money market. You would be investing in a sports and technology company whose aim is to monetize our community by the following initiatives – Male & Female Football League, SociaLiga 5ves, 5 Aside League, Waves, Games night, SociaLympics and Marketplace.

We earn from B2B, Business to Business by partnering with brands who sponsor our events, e.g WEMA, Guinness, ABEG, Pepsi etc. Then B2C, Business to Customer, people who attend the events buy tickets, food, drinks, they shop in the marketplace. The SociaLiga as the name suggests Socia & Liga means bringing together sporting and social initiatives in the same space and ensures there is something for everyone.

You are investing in SociaLiga as part of the GetEquity digital syndicate. For more information, click here
By owning equity in The SociaLiga, you would be entitled to a share of 30% of the company’s annual profits. This would be remitted to you as yearly dividends.

GetEquity has simplified how you support early stage companies (startups) by investing in tokenized assets which are just as valid as traditional methods securely.

Yes, you can access our web application from anywhere
The minimum account you can invest in a startup is $10
As much as you are willing to.

Startups are risky, always invest in only what you can afford to lose, do not invest so much that it impacts your lifestyle ( it is why accredited investors have long since been the only ones who invested in private companies because they have the net worth and can take the risk and can afford to lose significant amounts), however, we believe that with high risk, there is high reward. Every opportunity listed on GetEquity is much riskier than public companies on the stock market so be warned!, it is highly possible you lose every dollar you invest in GetEquity.

Errr…the amount of time it takes to see a return is highly dependent on the type of investment contract the opportunity list, it could be in the following classes:

a) Convertible notes called C-Notes: Basically C-notes are like debt instruments where the company takes on debt but with a big difference, In the context of a seed financing, the debt typically automatically converts into shares of preferred stock upon the closing of a priced round( Seed or Series A )

b) Dividends: Depends on specific investment agreement, the dividends are a percentage of profits, therefore, the amount of time to see a return depends on how profitable a business is and in most businesses, profitability takes a while.

If you however decide you want to sell your investment, you can list and find a buyer, however this process might take a while.

No, you do not buy the securities directly, GetEquity acts as a custodian, a custodian is an entity in this case we are a digital SPV/Syndicate that holds securities on behalf of all investors who are the beneficial owners of the securities, this means that you don’t actually possess the shares, convertible notes, SAFEs, etc, instead, we hold them on your behalf. The custodian votes (if rights are assigned), and signs legal documentation on your behalf with the management of the companies invested in.
Using the custodial model via way of an SPV/syndicate increases the quality of startups that use GetEquity while giving more power to investors on our platform, with this you get access to high-quality, well-vetted opportunities that have other fundraising options. Startups like this model because follow-on financing won’t be at risk when they decide to raise higher-priced rounds from VCs. Venture capitalists are uncomfortable when startups have many small investors directly on their cap table plus it will be a logistical nightmare collecting thousands of signatures plus even crazier by legal terms a company can only have a limited number of shareholders, as a custodian, we represent the investors as one entity on the capitalization table of the Startups.
Yes, you can sell your tokens by simply placing a sell request which the system matches to a buy request for you, please note that it’s not automatic at the moment and will take a while.
We will introduce updates where companies can share monthly progress and annual reports on performance of the company.
If the company decides it’s profitable enough to continue, your investment will continue as long as that company exists, they may choose to go public, do mergers, consolidate, buy other companies, become a group…you just continue for as long as you can.
A transaction is in Escrow when you have bought tokens in a company whose tokens have been sold out. What this means is you have placed a buy order request and once there is a sell order on the system it matches your request for you to get in, however, this might take a long time. You can choose to cancel the transaction at any time and invest in a different company.
We operate as a duly registered Syndicate by the CAC, we are also in conversations on getting the right license type, however for now we operate as a digital syndicate ( group of investors) who pool money together to invest in companies.

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