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There were regretable scenes that threatened to bring the SociaLiga final to a premature end due to unruly protests staged by Bravos Knights in response to what they called poor officiating.

The football disciplinary panel having reviewed the case thoroughly dished out some heavy penalties to them today which they can appeal. Bravos Knights have been given 3 days to appeal any or all of the sanctions.

The statement issued to Bravos read thus:

After a thorough review of incidents of the 16th of December, 2018 in finals between your team, Bravos Knights FC and Dannaz FC, The SociaLiga has decided the following:

1. Tobi Olalere, the Bravos Knights player who physically attacked a match official shall serve a life ban from participating in the league. With this ban comes an additional venue ban as he will not be granted permission to attend future SociaLiga events even as a guest.

2. Bravos Knights owner, Idowu Jacob shall serve a 2-game stadium ban for encroaching the pitch while the game was on going; an act which brought the game to a premature conclusion and incited the physical attack on both match officials and security team.

3. Bravos Knights shall pay a fine of One Hundred and Fifty Thousand Naira (N150,000) for failing to control their players on two occasions and walking off the pitch while the game was on-going.

4. A 3-Point suspended deduction shall be handed to Bravos Knights for one season. I.e. Over one season, should there be a repeat of the Bravos Knights failing to control it players, attack a match official or have a member of the organization encroach the pitch while a game is active, a 3-point deduction shall be enforced.

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