8 Critical Skills for Success in a Remote Workspace


These are interesting times. It has not only fallen our lot to save the planet by staying at home, but it has also become our responsibility to keep our remote team as productive as possible as we work from home. According to two Canadian professors, software won’t make or break the success of a remote […]

Get Woke; Stay Woke – We can’t be quiet on social injustices and discrimination any longer

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All you need to do is google “Was Sandra Bland dead when her mugshot was taken?”, read the theories, see the pictures, and you might just lose your sleep that night, and a couple of nights after. The level of injustice some factions of this world have been inflicted with, years on end, by some other privileged ‘superior’ groups is nothing less than inhumane.

Stop listening to those self-help gurus – you can’t ‘schedule’ yourself into productivity

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You’ve listened to all the experts, read the life hacks and all the self-help articles, and when things are really bad you find yourself on Youtube watching motivational videos on ‘how to get your life back on track in 8-steps’, or ‘6-minutes’, or through this ‘productivity master class’, or that ‘5 time-management principles to save your life’

Scared People Achieve Nothing – Confidence Is The Road To Productivity

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Please read careful now! Your confidence doesn’t come from accomplishment because if that is taken away from you, then that would mean you have nothing. The way to grow confidence is by making decisions and acting on them over and over and over again until it sinks into your subconscious that YOU HAVE ABILITY.

How Nigerians Are Coping With Today’s Financial Pressures

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When the Government was dilly-dallying about closing the borders and Nigerians were treating with kid gloves what is now a full blown ravaging pandemic but back then was seen as just a minor outbreak, even then it was already obvious that the financial landscape of the nation was about to be changed, drastically.

How Well Do You Know Your Netflix Shows?

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You may have spent 10,000 hours scrolling through the Netflix menu but are you really a Netflix expert?
Take this quiz to find out. We guarantee you cannot get a perfect score! Time to Netflix and Quiz!
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