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So You Have A New Job, What Next? (Pt. Two)

Holla! How are you enjoying this new job of yours?! Congratulations again, by the way. Did you read the first few tips we shared last week to help you in your new job? Read them here.

Let’s continue with the rest of the tips we have for you.


If your new employer is very active on social media, which we expect that they should, you need to follow their pages.

This way you learn about other things you might not have learned already. A lot of information is given out online, knowingly and unknowingly, so you want to gather as much as you can – and maybe meet other staff members.

Information is power, you don’t want to be the new kid on the block for too long.


After you join the company’s social media platforms, the next thing you want to do is mind what you say online – even on your own personal online pages. You cannot afford to post things that are deal-breakers for your new employers.

A number of people have been said to be fired as a result of something they posted online. As long as you are still an employee in an organization, know what you say about/to fellow employees, subordinates or superiors online.


Finally, it’s time to build and expand.

You have all these brand new friends and colleagues, and you are possibly going to be meeting more like-minded professionals in the course of your job – it is time to build/expand your professional network.

And we are not talking about adding them up on Facebook alone – the really professional execs are not on your Facebook. Build a LinkedIn profile if you do not have one, and start to network with colleagues and superiors.

You should also add up your unique skills and completed new tasks on there.

As for social networking, follow us on Instagram – @thesocialiga for updates on the next match day.

Thank you for reading!

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