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Beyonce is out here making serious money moves, proving that she deserves the name the “QUEEN B”. We believe she is gradually on her way to becoming billionaire an here are some reasons we think so.

The Queen’s Uber Deal

It has been reported the Halo singer has made around $300million (£232m) from the firm, thanks to a deal she struck up, back in 2015. According to reports, the 37-year-old was offered $6million (£4.6m) to perform at an event for the company, out in Las Vegas. An absolute bargain for a private session with Queen Bey, but instead of getting paid for the gig, she reportedly asked for payment in stocks, turning that $6million into a whole lot more. According to reports, the stock is now worth a whooping $300 million dollars. All we can say is OMG!!!

Her Netflix Deal

Fans of Beyonce have already found a befitting name for the Beyonce’s “Homecoming” special with Netflix, #Beyflix. Beyonce is about to give us more content through the streaming service; According to reports, Queen Bey has signed on to give us three projects and Netflix is reportedly paying her a hefty bag worth $60 million for the deal.

Her Partnership of a Lifetime with Adidas:

Beyonce is officially one step closer to running the world. On April 4, Adidas officially launched a partnership with Beyoncé, which will include the development of signature footwear, as well as other lifestyle and performance-based products. Beyoncé’s athleisure brand Ivy Park will also get a relaunch. Beyoncé will serve as a “creative partner” for the brand.

The deal will cover everything from performance wears to programs aimed at growing the next generation of creators and leaders.

All Hail The Queen.


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