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#SociaLigaMD6 produced a lot of fireworks and we saw plenty of goals fly in from different angles on a largely eventful day at CIS. So, surely, it is time to take a cursory look at what we learned from that entertainment served at matchday six (6) in the Bet9jaSociaLiga.

Simi the star and other things we learnt from Bet9jaSociaLiga grand finale

After a long but enthralling 2019 season in the ever-improving Bet9jaSociaLiga, it all came to a wonderful climax at the Nitel Pitch, Cappa, Lagos last Sunday.

The Saints dethroned defending champions, Dannaz FC to reclaim their title, while inspired by Okesiji Similoluwa, Alimosho Ladies, formerly SCN Ladies, defeated Dannaz Ladies to lift the crown in the Women's final.

We know the champions, but what else did we learn from the grand finale at Cappa?

Alimosho Ladies finish unbeaten
Simi emerges star of the day
Dannaz FC lose on all fronts
Ladies provide much-needed excitement

Alimosho Ladies finish unbeaten

The Herd were crowned as the newest Queens in town following an electrifying 2-1 over the very difficult Dannaz Ladies team.

It was their second final as a club, after appearing in and losing the 2018 edition as SCN ladies.

The Herd lost to Knights Ladies 1-0 in 2018, but inspired by Simi, Deborah Annoh, Olamide and Victory, they became champions for the first-ever in SociaLiga without losing a game.

They aren't just your everyday champions, the Heard thundered their way through it all, conceding just two goals (against Saints Ladies and Dannaz) and winning all but two matches in the process.

Simi emerges star of the day

Okay, let me first point out that it will be a travesty to say there was a more impressive player at the Nitel Pitch, Cappa last Sunday than the Alimosho Ladies winger.

Similoluwa was without a doubt the easiest pick of the day this season following a memorable display in the final.

After her heartbreak in the 2018 edition, the 16-year-old sweet-footed player put in a woman of the match performance in the final to inspire Alimosho to a first-ever title in the Women's Liga.

Simi was not just the most fouled player on the pitch, as Dannaz Ladies found it difficult to contain her and her slick moves, but the wide forward also netted the winner and goal of the day to cap off her impressive display.

Putting aside that disappointment from last season, she left Cappa with the title and the hearts of fans she won with her superb artistry.

Her performance will be remembered and talked about for a very long time, it was that good!

Dannaz lose on all fronts

Dannaz football club came into the 2019 campaign with a reputation that made them the team to beat.

They were the champions, having won the third Bet9jaSociaLiga season in their debut campaign, and with a brand of football that left many entertained.

So, coming into the fourth season (their second), the Cedars arrived with a Women's team.

Both teams lived up to their respective types by booking tickets to the finals in the Men's and Women's divisions.

However, it all came crashing in the grand finale at Cappa as both teams came short. Dannaz lost to Saints in the Men's final via penalties, while Alimosho Ladies were too good for their ladies in the Women's final.

A disappointing end to the year for Dannaz football club, but surely, this means we cannot wait for the 2020 season.

The Ladies provide much-needed excitement at Cappa

See, we didn't quite believe it as well - if you have followed this season from matchday one.

The Men's division has been the most exciting and of course, entertaining the whole season.

Therefore, ahead of the final, with Saints and Dannaz squaring up in the final, while Raineri took on Alimosho FC in the third-place game, you could forgive anyone who had predicted a goal-fest at Cappa.

But to our utter disappointment, none of the games in the Men's Liga lived up to the hype, with both game ending is drab draws.

The entertainment, however came from the only Women's game on show, the final between Alimosho Ladies and Dannaz Ladies.

Alimosho, led by the quartet of Simi, Olamide, Victory and Aminat, entertained fans at Cappa with Blessing Emefile, Akinbo Ajose and Angela Mosindi of Dannaz also providing exciting moments from the Cedars.

In the end, unlike their counterparts in the Men's Liga, the day was saved by the Ladies, who provided three wonderful goals to leave the fans purring.

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