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As if 2020 has not given us enough surprises, the weekend of 11th-13th December served us some more surprises that many people would not have seen coming. If you are a betting person, you definitely suffered severe pains after promising to bankrupt the betting company you use and if you are an Arsenal fan, the pain must be double.

Don’t worry, we understand. You are not alone. It was just that kind of weekend, the one that some like to describe as “everywhere red”.  It will get better, hopefully. So what really happened this weekend?

1. None of the “big 6” in England won:

Yes, none of them won. Arsenal lost at home to Burnley, who had only won 1 in 10 league games prior. Chelsea lost at Everton, who had won only 1 out of 7 league games prior. Liverpool drew with Fulham, who do not even yet have double-digit points, a game in which Fulham was actually the better side and could so easily have won. Table-toppers Tottenham drew with Crystal Palace, in a game that could as easily have been a win as it could have been a defeat. Manchester United and Manchester City drew against each other, in a game that was quite frankly the worst game of the weekend in the Premier League. The game was so awful that everyone tweeted about how they wished they could get their 2 hours back. The “big 6” basically garnered a grand total of 4 points this weekend.

 2. PSG lost their 4th league game of the season:

PSG are a club that many already crown as champions before the season begins. Such is their strength relative to other teams in France and the weight of expectation on their heads. Very often, it goes that way. And most times, they barely lose games. Since QSI took over at the club, they have never lost more than 5 league games in a season. We are just 14 games into the season and they’ve already lost 4 times, with the latest defeat coming against Lyon. To worsen matters, Neymar was stretchered off in tears after a scissor-tackle injured him. Thankfully, he did not suffer a fracture.

3. Bayern failed to win for the second league game in a row:

After snatching a draw from the jaws of defeat last time out at home to RB Leipzig, Bayern went up against Union Berlin and had to snatch another draw from the jaws of defeat. The last time they faced a club from Berlin, they needed a 93rd minute penalty to grab a 4-3 win. In their last 4 games in all competitions, they have gotten 3 draws. It looks like a Bayern straight win bet is no longer a banker.

 4. All the table toppers in Europe’s top 5 leagues play in the Europa League:

That’s right. It is no longer business as usual anywhere. Even PSG, Bayern, and Juventus, who have been winning league titles for fun, are struggling. The table-toppers are Real Sociedad, Tottenham Hotspur, Lille, Bayer Leverkusen, and Milan. All 5 clubs were in the Europa League Round of 32 draw on Monday. Imagine that.

What a weekend! Tottenham, Liverpool, Chelsea, Man Utd, Man City, Liverpool, Arsenal, Milan, PSG, Bayern, and Dortmund (they lost 5-1 at home and their manager got fired!) all failed to win their games, in the same weekend. Insane.

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