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Savings and Goals – ALAT & SociaLiga

If there’s anything we have in common with ALAT, it’s goals! Literally! You should see how our pitch lights up when a player scores a goal. Spectators at the stand too erupt like a volcano like they’d been saving all that energy for when a goal was scored!

Talking about goals, ALAT has a new update that will help you in achieving your goals this year!

The latest version of ALAT (called Version 2.4), which is now available on Google Play and the Apple App Store, is their most important update since they launched in May last year.

With this upgrade comes a tab on the app’s sidebar menu, where you can request loans! You can request a short-term loan of up to 100,000 naira. You’ll get a loan offer moments after requesting. It’s perfect for days you’re short on cash (which can happen to almost anyone) and need a quick fix.

It doesn’t stop there. There’s the ALAT Virtual Dollar Card. This card doesn’t come in the usual plastic form. Instead, it resides on your app in digital form and we expect you to use it whenever you need to pay online in dollars.

Your virtual dollar card converts naira from your ALAT account into dollars at the current bank rate, taking away the stress of changing naira to dollars and then depositing the foreign currency in a domiciliary account.

Like your familiar plastic debit card, you’ll get the usual details (card name, card number, an expiry date and a three-digit CVV number) and you can use these details to pay wherever dollar cards are accepted online. Your first virtual card is free, but you will be required to pay the standard monthly card maintenance fee.

Tap Cards on the sidebar menu to create your virtual dollar card.

And it still does not stop there! Read other new features they’ve got here.

If you’re not on ALAT yet, sign up here right away!


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