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Saints defender, Clever Orlu reinstated into the league.

After reviewing Clever Orlu’s last appeal, The Football League has decided to be reinstate the Saints player into the league.

Clever Orlu (@_kleverley) had been serving a life ban since Wednesday, 11th of July, 2018 after physically attacking match official, Mr. Babatunde Gbenga during a game between Saints FC and Dannaz FC on Sunday, 8th July, 2018. Clever Orlu has since served a 6-month internal suspension by Saints FC, a 10-month ban by The SociaLiga and has also paid a fine. The Saints defender has apologized for his actions and has worked with The SociaLiga Foundation in a bid to atone for his mistakes.

Following an interview with the Football Department on Saturday, 25th May, 2019, the Football League has decided that Clever Orlu has showed remorse for his actions, has served an appropriate time suspended and should be reinstated into the league.

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