Liga, SociaLiga Season 5

2018 winners Dannaz FC put up a defensive masterclass to snatch the final ticket in the Men’s final after a narrow win over Citizens in the last playoff of the season. Citizens dominated the encounter from the beginning to the end but it was Dannaz who scored the decisive goal and won the tie.

Youngster Idriss was allowed so much time and space in the box and he punished the Proud Citizen with the only goal of the game in the first half. Idris almost made it 2-0 in the second half with an audacious bicycle kick attempt but was denied by good goalkeeping from Nelson in goal for the Citizens.

Citizens were the better side and pegged back the Cedars in their half most of the game. But as champions often do, Dannaz found a way and scored just that one goal to end the game.

The Proud Citizens showed just why they were the only team to have qualified without losing a game. The Adedoyin Ajibike-led side hit the post once and had another chance remarkably cleared off the line in the second half. However, despite creating enough chances to score at least a goal, in the end, they came short of a place in the final again and were undone by Idriss’ excellent effort scored against the run of play in the first.

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