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Premier Cool

Premier is Nigeria’s No.1 family bar soap. The brand has very strong heritage trusted, by millions of Nigerians.  In 2010, Premier extended its strong equity to the hygiene segment with the launch of Premier Cool Deo soap that delivers all day freshness and confidence.  Premier Cool Deo contains real menthol extracts that give you that icy-cool feel, a refreshing long-lasting fragrance and an antibacterial ingredient that helps preserve your freshness all day long.


Premier Cool and The SociaLiga have worked together to deliver The Premier Cool Turf Wars, Premier Cool Turf Wars is a 5-Aside football competition that will take the enjoyment of leisure football to a whole new level. We are looking for the cool guys out there ready to play for pride and walk away with cool cash prizes.

Registration for the competition is FREE. You will be required to register not as an individual, but as a team.


32 teams from all applied teams will be selected based on agreed criteria by Judges. When selected, the 32 teams will be contacted via the email address provided during registration, so ensure you use a valid email when registering your team.


The 32 teams will further be shortlisted to top 16 team via online voting on the campaign page. Influencers will help each team canvas for votes and the top 16 teams with the highest number of votes makes it to the competition.

How to Enter

Form a football team and ensure you have all your team members’ details. Your team should consist of a minimum of 4 players, 1 goalkeeper and 2 substitutes (but not more than 4 players, 1 goalkeepers, 5 substitutes and 2 team official)

Read and accept all terms and conditions before you register.

Each team will be required to choose a team captain who will be responsible for registering the teams.

Provide all relevant information in each field.

Ensure you hit the ‘Submit’ button to complete registration.

For more info please visit


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