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Our Work From Home Experience at SociaLiga

Working from home has been the new reality for a lot of people since the outbreak of the pandemic. In light of this we asked a few of the guys over at SociaLiga to share experience and this what they had to say.

Working from work has been a little challenging because it’s the first time I’m working from home for this long. Challenges ranging from limited internet access, poor electricity, distraction from folks and unnecessary house chores just because “I’m around” and though I have a lot of time and flexibility it can’t be compared to working at the office where almost everything is available but limited time.

But on the bright side it helped to cut down on the cost of transportation to work, waking up early. It has also given me time to finish plans I couldn’t meet up with.


It has been really hectic. From attending one Zoom meeting to another and responding to tons of e-mails, Slack and Whatsapp messages. However the stress that comes with Lagos traffic, getting home at odd hours has reduced drastically and nothing beats the fact that you can a breather or power nap in the comfort of your home when necessary


Working from home has been strange but good. I’m glad I don’t have a commute anymore. And that I don’t have to spend money on transportation. But a weird side effect is that the fluidity also affects your work hours. You never seem to stop working and switch it off. Overall though, if the circumstances surrounding it weren’t so absurd, it’s a decent experience.


It hasn’t been a problem for me. I work from home normally so it’s just regular routine for me. But having the option of going out to, say, a bar or a friend’s to cool off taken away has been the challenge. So, on a few days I get hit with Cabin Fever and won’t in the mood to work but generally, I’ve had no problem with it.


Working from hasn’t been as tumultuous as I made it out to be. It was a virgin experience for me, but one I definitely not mind getting used to. Although I had issues with my laptop and the internet which made productivity dwindle on some days. Also, not being able to go out, irrelevant chores that would never have come up if not for” see finish” make me miss going to work so much on some days.

However, I’ve been able to read more this period and it has impacted positively on the quality of my deliverables for SociaLiga. Overall, it has been a nice experience.


I’ve had more pressure working from home in one month than I had in the office the last 3 months. But the dope thing is, I’ve been able to build capacity. So at the end of the day it’s all good


Working from home is something that I’ve been doing for quite a while so the adjustment was not so hard for me. However, the limited movement was really a game changer! The freedom to take a drive to your favorite spot or to go watch a movie at the cinema when you get frustrated with work has been gone for more than a month .That has been the unbearable part for me.

On the other hand, the most difficult thing I’ve had to deal with is upgrading the SociaLiga website which on a good day would take 6 hours, but turned into a 3-day operation due to internet problems.

Generally working from home has been very productive for me.


Working from home on a good day should be way easier than having to go to work every day. Outside the fact I get to avoid traffic everyday and cut down on transport expenses, it has been not so great!!. At this point I have degree in house “maidenry , The epileptic electricity doesn’t make it any easier and don’t let me get started on the issue of data/internet connection. Apart from these issues, it’s been vibes, pure vibes.


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