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Need A New Job? Do These! (Pt. Two)

Great to have you here again. We see that you are really serious about getting this new job. So let’s cut to the chase and help you with rest of the tips we’ve got for your job search.

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Our last tip was “social media is your friend” – you need to get on Instagram, Facebook groups, Twitter and LinkedIn. We know that sounds like a lot of work, but that’s exactly what it is – finding your dream job is your new job. Sound confusing? Nah, read it again!

You need to put your back into it! Have some coffee beside you, set schedules, dedicate time into searching online and emailing your resumes to people. This is your new job and you’ll get paid for it when you get THE job!

Treat searching for that job like a new project that must not fail.


As much as you plan to aim for what you want, it is also important not to limit yourself and your search – you’ll be surprised where you might end up working!

Keep an open mind when you are searching – unexpected opportunities spring up every now and then. So target, but keep your options open also – as long as it is not violating your professional or personal values, you can go for it.


Lastly, how are your networking skills? You need to get out once in a while, maybe dedicate your weekday evenings or weekends to that. Go out, meet people, socialize and network – you might uncover job leads or meet someone that knows someone.

SociaLiga matches are a great avenue for networking.

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