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My Craziest One Night Stand Story

We spoke to three young Nigerians about their craziest one night stand stories. Check out what they had to say

So some of my friends invited me for a games night at one of their houses like we’ve had in the past. These particular friends were not really “close” friends so even though they were fun to turn up with, I’m always extra careful not to disgrace myself around them before they carry my gist. Lol. So I smoked a joint and wore a cute little dress in preparation for a crazy night.

So I got there and as a hot babe, you know, the guys there were already disturbing me but I was still forming. They started the games night with never have I ever, a drinking game and I had done most of the things they were saying so I had to keep drinking. Most of us were already drunk halfway into it. I swear I blacked out and the next thing I knew I was pressing one of the girls there against a wall and kissing her. Everyone was just quiet and staring at us. Apparently it was a dare lol. Next thing, the babe came to meet me after sometime and we were just vibing and talking. If I say I know how we ended up in one of the rooms of the house I’d be lying. The funny thing is I remember initiating everything that happened when we got to the room and I’m straight so… Long story short we had sex and then she left and I never saw her again. The moral of the story is your freakiness heightens by 100 when you’re drunk so just be calm.


This is technically a 2-night stand story sha. When I was in Uni, my roommate (Paul) and I used to go to a club around the school to hang out. So one day, my guy wakes me up around ten that “I have a feeling we should go to the club tonight.” So we hit the club and I ran into an old classmate and she introduces us to her friend who was there for her birthday with her boyfriend. Now birthday girl and I didn’t really talk but we danced a bit. As I’m leaving the club, my old classmate blocks me and goes “The birthday girl likes you” and gave me her no. efontree.

So the next day, I’m chatting with the babe and in the evening around 7, my crazy roommate suddenly gingers and says we should go see the girls in their uni because he had a “feeling.” So we fly bike for like 1k to her uni to you know “investigate” further but by the time we get there, my phone is dead and we’re stranded. Will you believe that somehow I had crammed her number without trying? Bro, never underestimate the power of konji! We go to a call centre and call them and after like 2 hours, the babes followed us to our one bedroom uni hostel.

Sha we got back, put on “a movie” and then I and birthday girl started to make out. Before I knew it the babe pulled down my pants oh and started going down on me while my roommate and her friend were there. Next thing she’s on top of me and my roommate and her friend (who were not hooking up btw) were just watching us. Next morning they head back to her school and I went for my church fellowship and that was the last time we spoke.


Shortly after I broke up with my boyfriend, I joined Tinder out of boredom, my first few matches were boring then I met one guy who seemed interesting. We got talking and he invited me over a day later, normally I’d never but horniness, boredom and a broken heart are a terrible mix, so I went.

We watched a movie to break the ice and then he brought out the alcohol. From there we had a heavy make out session and this guy could not kiss for shit so I just avoided that. Next thing I knew this guy ties my hands, bends me over and proceeds to blow my back out, it was amazing. The next few hours would be some of the best sex I’d ever had. The next day he texted about our next session and I blocked him then deleted his number. I just wanted to fuck him once and I got what I wanted.


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