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Gokada SociaLympics : Meet the Alien everyone wants to beat like drum

With seven (7) medals – six of which are Gold to his name, it is no wonder he is so feared amongst his peers, colleagues and competitors alike, who actually gave him the nickname “Alien”.

“Being a champion is not just (about) being a frontrunner and being ahead, but it’s facing adversity.”- Andre Ward

That quote by former American athlete and author, Andre Ward, sets the stage for the person we are about to talk about, a young man who has not only dominated the SociaLiga’s SociaLympics since inception but has placed himself as the man to beat for the third edition.

Dabobelema Dimieari Green, a very short name, except for those who prefer to address him by his longer nom de plume, ” Alien” is legitly a SociaLympics legend.

With seven (7) medals – six of which are Gold to his name, it is no wonder he is so feared amongst his peers, colleagues and competitors alike, who actually gave him the nickname “Alien”.

Ahead of the 2019 SociaLympics, tagged GokadaSociaLympics this weekend, caught up with this alien to find out exactly why he was given that name.

The chat turned out to be very interesting as Dabo Green dished out more than we bargained for.

Yes, like you, we were also itching to know how the nickname came about. So, Dabo explains where, when and how the name “alien” came to be.

“(Laughs). So, it was during the first season (when) I caught a lot of attention, ” Dabo began.

“Just the same way the last season was, it was the same as the first for me – the only difference was (that) there were more people looking out for me.”

“So, people just believed I shouldn’t be running with them, that I was too fast to be at SociaLympics. Therefore, they started calling me ‘an alien’.”

Just when we thought that was the only reason behind the name, Dabo added;

“Apart from how fast I am, also the fact that I didn’t just do 100m, I did everything that day- except sack race and the egg & spoon races.”

Dabo will be competing in his third SociaLympics, making him a veteran of the games. His previous two have seen him represent Team Saints, who won the first-ever SociaLympics in 2017 but lost their crown to Team Raineri in season two (2018).

The former student of Caleb International College, Lekki, re-lived his experiences which he described as “fun and exciting”.

“I’ve participated in the last two seasons representing Saints and it was a good turn out.
First season Saints won the overall but last season we didn’t but I was just able to take all Gold for Saints.”

“One problem I know everyone had (last season) was the way the curves were done, they were too sharp so it was hard turning. But for me, it was easy to turn because I knew what I was expecting because in the first season I fell victim(too).”

“I actually fell trying to come out of the curve and someone even stepped on my fingers. I think there’s even a video (laughs). But besides that, I loved every bit of it. It was fun and exciting, I loved the competition spirit everyone had.”

For his third competition, the Afebabalola University Computer Science graduate is prepared and looking forward to it simply because of the fierce competition he is expecting especially from two familiar individuals, Tureh and Dolapo.

“For this season, I’m really looking forward to it. One of the reasons why is because I know it would be more competitive because of how people are looking out for me so more people might show up (laughs).”

“Also, why I know it (GokadaSociaLympics) will be more competitive is because I know one or two people that are going to be there as well, it’s gonna be hot hot (grins). I’ve known both of them for a while and I know they’re fast.”

“One of them trains regularly and attends different competitions. The one that trains regularly should be faster than I am right now.”

With the GokadaSociaLympics just days away, Dabo was kind enough to leave some tips for returning athletes and first-timers;

“Yeah, they can (learn from my experience). If they don’t get caught up in the moment, and forget about last season, because you can always get heated up about something and forget your game plan.”

“But hopefully, most people would realize what they can do differently to make it more competitive.”

Alien’s Intimidating CV

38 medals (including 7(6 Gold, 1 Silver) in SociaLympics
3 sportsman of the year awards
1 best defender of the season for the Flag Football (he plays American Football, NFL).

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