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Liverpool 2019/2020 – a story worth telling

30 long, staggeringly embarrassing years. Years of intense shame as unworthy teams like Leicester and Manchester city came and clinched what they had longed for, years of endless trolling and banter after that ridiculous slip that had the trophy slip from their fingers, years of near misses with many golden boots coming from out of them, but hardly the one golden trophy they craved.

Liverpool Virgil Van Dijk

30 long, staggeringly embarrassing years. Who’d have thought that it would be the washed up, Gerard wanna-be, no-good Jordan Henderson that would lead them to the promised land?

Want to know how long ago 30 years has been? Well for context….you know what, forget context! Think of 30 years as that, 30 years. It needs no explaining, it’s been a lifetime ago.

When one thinks of where Liverpool has come from, in recent years, the slow steady build, all accompanied by right transfers, wholesome growth as a club, impeccable management, fanatic fandom, and the altogether great structure of the club – a club truly committed to the integrity of the game – one couldn’t help but feel a little sentimental and happy for what the club just achieved. The signs have been there for a couple of years that the dark years would soon be over, And a UCL trophy followed by an EPL trophy in the space of 2 years says it very much has.

But how did Liverpool go about making the EPL just short of a farmers league and blowing everyone away?

Ian Graham the Liverpool Einstein
It’s likely you don’t know who this is. He isn’t the assistant coach or a member of the Liverpool board for that matter. He is the club’s head of research and among his many roles is determining which players liverpool acquire or sell – using data analysis.

His uncanny wittiness and years of experience has served Liverpool in recruiting the finest of talents all across the world.

Laptop guru – Micheal Edwards
Want to know who to credit for the incredible signings of Salah, Mane, Van Dijkand the rest of the lot? Here you go!

He joined Liverpool under the request of the then Liverpool Director of Football – Comolli. His task was simple: Obtain and interpret data, then communicate that data to coaches and players as insight. The output has been otherworldly genius. Even as he came in as little a role as head of performance and analysis, in just about 3 years of unparalleled success he became the club’s first ever Sporting-director.

He is the genius that orchestrated the £29m heist of Firmino, had the insight to acquire players such as Gini Wijnaldum, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Virgil Van Dijk, Alisson Becker, Fabinho and Naby Keita, all of which have been incredibly instrumental to Liverpool’s success in recent years. It’s been a merry few years of great signing indeed

Jurgen ‘over-caffeinated’ Kloppppppp
Few have boasted the gargantuan appetite for laurels like Klopp. Ever since he stepped into Meyerside, he had in fact been knocking on the door. From Europa and Champions league final fails to the near miss of the EPL trophy in the 18/19 campaign. One could see the handwriting on the wall – it was only a matter of time now. And the man behind this good work? The engine room of the Liverpool side: Jurgen Klopp.

His incessant demand of quality performance from his players is adequately elaborated on match day as he more often than not cuts the animated figure on the by-line, urging and demanding more intensity from the Liverpool side. Such has been his passion for the game, and this is definitely a factor to have played a major role in the Liverpool success story

Mind-boggling quality of the side
Liverpool quite easily boast the best starting 11 in Europe. But that isn’t entirely attributed to splashing big cash, even though that has been the case as well. However, it’s been the team’s spirit, heart, competitiveness, commitment to the game, willingness to improve week in week out – this things that are missing in more unserious sides like Arsenal – that has set the Liverpool squad aside in leaps and bounds from the rest of the park, both in England, all of Europe and the entire world.

They never walked alone
With a fan-base that has a loyalty that defied reason, Liverpool had no choice but to bring the laurels home. And now, the accolades are trickling in by the bucket load.

30 long, staggeringly embarrassing years, but the glory days are here…and we all have the feeling that this is only the beginning.

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