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It Is Hot o! #aFewThings You Should Be Wearing Because Of This Heat

Lagos is HOT!!!!! Lagos is HOT!!!! Get in here for some quick fashion tips

Remember when we were all turning up to Michael Dapper’s tune “Man’s not hot”? We guess the sun listened. The rise in temperature is no excuse to let down your fashion standards/spec, but rather see it as an opportunity to incorporate colour, new fabrics and styles into your wardrobe. So, here are #aFewThings you should know about this weather

The Lighter The Better.

Lightweight Clothing and Fabrics like Chiffon are your best for the weather. Avoid heavy clothing made of rayon or wool.

Bright Brighter Brightest!

Wear bright colours. Don’t wear dark colours because dark colors absorb light increasing the level of heat you will feel inside them.

Some More Protection!

Never leave your house without a sun screen & sunglasses. It helps protect you from the harsh rays of sunlight. Except you want to be squeezing your face upandan shaaaa. Just wear shades and be cool like this fresh lad at #SociaLigaMD1. He was looking so cool he got nominated into our #JamesonLookBook

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