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Buying from SociaLiga’s online shop is very easy. Here are the steps involved in doing so.

via Safari, Chrome, Explorer, Edge and any other browser

You can also click here

Locate the item(s) you would like to buy.

Available options are currently Matchday Tickets, Raffle Draw Tickets, Side Attractions Tickets and Tokens Tickets.

Select the number of items/tickets you would like to buy.

Locate the Add To Cart button.

Click the Add To Cart button.

At this point the product has been added to your cart.

You can choose to keep shopping for other items or start the payment processing.

To keep shopping, simply scroll to other items, click on them to open and select a number and click Add To Cart

2) Click "View Cart"

It will be located at the top of the page.

This will lead you to a page showing the items you are about to pay for.

3) Confirm your cart details

Review the number of tickets you would like to purchase, the corresponding amount of each and the total.

4) Click "Proceed To Checkout"

If you’ve made it this far you’re almost done. Stay with us.

The Proceed To Checkout button is towards the bottom of the page.

Please fill in your "Billing Details"

Majority of the information here are required to complete the transaction.

No worries. Your information is very safe with us.

5) Click "Place Order"
6) Select your preferred payment option
Fill in your card details and initiate the payment.

You will require an OTP (One Time Password) to complete payment via your ATM. This is available to you via your bank provided token.

Good Job!!!!!!!

See you on matchday!!!!

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