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Everyone wants to be involved in the tech scene right now because it seems to be bubbling with overflowing wealth. And it’s no surprise, its one of the fastest rising career choices for millions of young people.

It is even estimated that by the year 2035, the world would be a digital village in the actual sense of it. This is evident by the introduction of the Metaverse. But the journey into the tech scene isn’t the same for everyone. While some are born techies, there are others who were simply coerced or even stumbled upon it. Enjoy these delightful summaries on how some tech savvy individuals began their journey into the tech space.

Blessing, 22.
“People see me and they are like ‘oh a girl that codes. You really must love coding.’ But the truth is my path to tech was more of destiny rather than actual intent. Growing up as a girl, I don’t think I touched the computer more than 6 times in my entire life. Everything changed when I applied to study physics in the university only to be given computer science. It was not funny then because it was my 3rd time writing JAMB so I reluctantly accepted the course. Studying computer science didn’t ignite the passion for computers at all because they taught us basically outdated programs and their history. Nothing really concrete on how to use the softwares. It was more theory than practical. It was actually a colleague then that taught me the practical side of it and we did incredible things with the knowledge. I made many apps. I could just be writing code for fun because to me coding is just like art, you know. You create and when you run it, you see the beauty of all the effort. I am working for a big firm now and I don’t mean to brag but I earn pretty well too”

Ivor, 23.
“Well I have always been tech savvy right from a young age. So it wasn’t much of a surprise to anyone when I was always on the computer. I can’t really say how I acquired the knowledge because I didn’t quite go to any computer school. But I always tried out softwares and I had friends that were quite good in tech stuff. So I can say they taught me ( laughs). Well I can’t say I regret it because let’s face it, it is paying my bills right now and it suits my kind of person. I get to work from home and at my own pace most of the time.”

Fidelis, 25. “I could say I got into tech the ‘normal way.’ After secondary school, I went to computer school to learn multiple times. Especially during the holidays and long strike period. It was not like I wanted to, but my mum was very particular about her kids picking up a skill. So I picked computer school because my other options were baking and make up school. It was really expensive. I think the Lowest I paid for training was sixty five thousand naira (N65,000). I have not quite used the knowledge to create anything in particular. I am very good with python, HTML and kotlin and I still earn from it from time to time but not in the big way everyone expects”

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