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Happy Birthday Mr Excel Sheet!!!!

Today is the birthday of the one and only OPT. As a leader in SociaLiga and a great all round person, he comes across many many people on a day to day basis and if we asked everyone to say something about him, we would be writing blog posts every week for a year with what they have to say. However, so you get a feel of his awesomeness, here’s what just a few, very few o, have to say about him!

A good friend, who always looks at the positive side of things, easy to relate with.

– Showfz

He’s a go-getter, loves life and seizes every opportunity to make the life of those close to him and his peers happy. He’s a great man.

– Nonso

Well Opt is a determined person, he knows what he wants and goes for it. He sees the potential in people and gives them an avenue to be their best. While I worked at SociaLiga, he was more than a boss, he was a friend someone I could open up to and he always gives good advice. I can’t say thank you enough for being in my life🤗

– Dalu

Well he's generous and easygoing. He's a solid if you need help.

– Jade

Everyday at the SociaLiga i hope you know how loved, appreciated and amazing you are.
Today is your birthday and i want you to feel good about yourself because you've given us a platform to pursue our dreams while achieving the goals of the company. I'm thankful everyday that you exist and for who you are, You. Are. Amazing.
I hope we share many more birthday celebrations with you at the SociaLiga.
We love you.

– Racheal

I got to know Ope through SociaLiga and from my dealings with him, I have come to realize how friendly, respectful, hardworking and creative he is. But his best attribute is he is always willing to help others in order to elevate them without taking credit for it.
He has helped create a long lasting brand that is creating impact in the lives of many Nigerian youth.
Happy birthday to Ope as I wish him a long and healthy life full of Joy and prosperity and I pray that the almighty continues to bless him and elevate him.

– Danny (DannazFC)

SociaLiga people no dey ever post my pictures and I blame OPT for it. I dont get why he beefs me so much.

– Diji

Mr Excel Sheet. Mr Voicenote. Mr Let's Do It. Those who know know.
Putting together this little show of appreciation from the SociaLiga Community goes to show it was very worth the effort. What everyone has said is what I have also witnessed and we wish you the best today and always!!!!

– Leke

Opt: a unifier who gives hope that there are still good people who are out there putting smiles on faces. When it comes to work, he does not smile, but for each good work comes a reward and smile from him. A privilege to know him, and i wish him the best of celebration. Happy birthday, Opt.

– Duwem

Opt is one of the few people that make business and planning easy and seamless. He’s a good team lead mostly because he’s easily accessible, readily available to help and open to suggestions.

Here’s to wishing you the best year yet, God’s blessings and Good health in abundance of wealth.

– Ifedotun (GunsFC)

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