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Premier League fans are buzzing at the moment and that’s because the most exciting league in the world is set to return tomorrow with its fantasy league football. If you haven’t registered for our FPL league to compete for weekly and monthly prizes as well as a grand prize of 500,00 naira, click here to do so ASAP.

Managers have been tinkering with their teams ahead of Saturday’s noontime deadline for GW1, especially given the absence of some key FPL stars who are set to miss the opening game week for the season.

Players like Kevin De Bruyne, Bruno Fernandes, Anthony Martial, Raheem Sterling, and Kun Aguero will be missing in action when the FPL returns this Saturday as their respective clubs enjoy extended holidays from the FA.

However, while their absence has made selection a bit difficult, former SociaLiga FPL Champion,  Oyetolani Oyewolu says managers (new ones most) must learn to be calm as there’s no reason to panic at all.

Oyewolu spoke to in a lively chat where he reveals this and more, including why he also feels that Manchester United’s enigmatic midfielder, Fernandes is a better prospect for managers than his neighbor and PFA Player of year, De Bruyne of Manchester City.

Enjoy some of the interesting excerpts from his chat with

SociaLiga: So, SociaLiga FPL is back, One year break and now, we move. You don register?

Oyetolani Oyewolu: That’s good to hear, I just registered.

SociaLiga: Not many know the FPL is quite tactical right?

OO: Yeah it is, but not sure there is a clear winning strategy yet.

SociaLiga: Why so?

OO: Well, it’s linked to the competitiveness of the league and the spread of FPL assets. The more competitive the league is, the more the spread of key assets and strategy required. That’s why I think this season may be the most difficult yet – so many options at similar prices to pick from.

On GW1 Tactics

SociaLiga: So, with some key players from certain teams not involved in GW1, what’s the best tactics to use?

OO: The approach I have adopted is to have 1 player with a blank on the bench (low cost) and have some funds in the bank (1.5M – 2M) for easy acquisition of these assets in GW2/GW3.

I prefer to see the team in GW1 and GW2 before making a definite commitment. The cash in the bank gives me the flexibility to jump on the right asset after observing for 1 or 2 GWs. Also, the short pre-season and international break could mean a lot of rotation in GW1. Therefore, it’s key to have a healthy bench as there could be some surprises.

SociaLiga: Now, you talked about how difficult this year might be, does that include the fact some key players won’t be involved in GW1?

OO: Not really. it’s more about the plethora of options available at similar prices: KDB, Sterling, Salah, Mane, Auba, Bruno in the midfield, Not to mention Son, Rashford, Havertz, Pulisic, Ziyech. Very tricky. They are all good assets that can hurt your rank if you don’t have them.

SociaLiga: Would you then worry about the absence of some of these assets in GW1?

OO: No, I’m not. In fact,  at this point, I’m not planning to get [any of] them in GW2. It [their absence] made the decision making easier, for example [it’s] easier to go with Aubameyang for GW 1&2, and like I said earlier, I have enough flexibility in my squad to get any of them without taking points hit.

On New FPL Managers

SociaLiga: So, what advice do you have for them? What should they really focus on?

OO: The real winners in FPL are those that are able to select players before they hit a good run of form, before they become bandwagons- that first two game weeks before everyone buys the player – is what makes the difference and that requires some level of risk combined with underlying stats like attempted goals & attempted assists.

SociaLiga: Who are the three low-cost players these managers should look out for? The must-buys.

OO:  DEFA Burnley 4.5m (Taylor or Pieters), MID – Saint-Maximin, Soucek (when fixtures ease off), FWD – Mitrovic, C. Wilson,  Rodrigo (when fixtures ease), Brewster (if he moves to another EPL team like Brighton). DEF – Lamptey could be interesting, GK – McCarthy, Ryan.

SociaLiga: If you were asked to choose just one of KDB, Bruno or Salah, who would you’d rather have and why?

OO: (laughs). This is one question I have struggled with [because] the potential is the same, all things being equal.

If KDB becomes the consistent penalty taker for Man City, I will take him. Otherwise, I will go with Bruno because I believe he will give more points per value and I can use the extra £1 – 1.5M somewhere else in my team.

Oyewolu’s El Ganador team defeated over 1000 managers to win the SociaLiga FPL grand prize of N500,000 in 2019 with total points of 2455.

He’s back again, but do you have what it takes to beat him to the grand prize? Click here to register and find out!

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