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FPL CIA: So Your FPL Has Started Horribly; Do Not Panic

One thing that always happens is that everyone is excited about the new FPL season and that excitement ends by Gameweek 1 or 2. This often happens because those first two weeks end in ‘tears’, as no one ever has any clue how any player will start the season. In the beginning, it’s always purely projections based on preseason form, season expectations, expected tactics, previous season form, etc. As the season progresses, everyone then starts to notice patterns with players and can start to make more informed choices. Also, players who started the first two or three weeks looking like Pele often cool off. Now, this bit of information is vital.

A good FPL player never gets carried away by a poor start or excellent form of certain players in the first few weeks. Simply put, letting that get to you leads to disaster. If your team has started very well, that’s great. If your team has started poorly, do not panic. Usually, it is said that you need to set up your early season team for the first five or six weeks. If you do that, you do not need to make any radical changes after one or two weeks because you obviously have a plan. Even if you didn’t, do not panic.

I know there are already people that played their wildcard after game week 1 ended in disaster. Bad idea. Worse, there are people who did that and still ended up with a disaster in game week 2. Now, what will such people do? See? I want to emphasize this; DO NOT PANIC. Yes, your season has started horribly but there is no need to panic. You have not fallen too far behind everyone so you don’t need any radical changes to your team yet. Also, as mentioned earlier, you do not know how long the early season purple patch will last for players.

So Salah got a hattrick in the first week, you panicked because everyone had him and you didn’t so you ditched your plans, took a 16-point hit to transfer him and all the other hot players from game week 1…and in game week 2, your new captain Salah had 0 goals and assists. And the guys you kicked out for Salah and co were Mané and Son who blanked…and now Mané has scored 2 goals in game week 2 while Son has scored 4. Yikes. You should not have panicked.

Whatever team you have now, do not panic. If you have big value, reliable players in your team. Stick with them. They will give you points soon and you will be grateful for it. If you must make transfers, do not make more than two a week. Do not incur hits larger than -4. In fact, keep that in mind through the season. More often than not (I am talking 95% of the time…I made that up but still), hits higher than -4 end in disaster. They are almost never worth it. By the time you do the math after the game week, you would realize that you would have scored more without those extra transfers. If you must take a hit, make sure it never exceeds -4. Don’t incur a -16 hit and be hoping for a miracle. It’s not going to happen.

So what do you do now? Simple. Be patient. Make one or two transfers of players who probably aren’t getting minutes right now and the ones that don’t look likely to get you anything. Squad players. Replace them with cheap players who are popping points and look set to continue. Remember to look at the upcoming fixtures (the next 3 to 4 weeks) of the players you’re transferring in and out so you don’t kick out a player with an easy schedule coming and don’t sign a player with a difficult schedule coming. Don’t play yourself.

Last thing, at this stage, always captain players that everyone is captaining. Yes, if you captain someone owned by only a few people and he delivers, you’ll get a big advantage. But it is almost never worth it. If he blanks and the players owned and captained by everyone pop, you are at a big disadvantage. Everyone will be ahead of you. So play smart. At this stage, you need as many points as you can get and you need to not be left behind. So let your captain choices always be in the top 3 most captained players. The Aubameyangs, Salahs, Kanes, etc. Whenever they play at home, 100% captain them. Don’t try to play smart. It will end in…tears. You’re welcome.

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