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We all miss football. So until football comes back we decided to come up with a list of old classic football matches that are worth revisiting now until football makes a comeback. We only picked games from the last decade because we want all the games to be in HD.

Barcelona 5-0 Real Madrid (2010 Spanish La Liga)

You can’t have a classic match rewatch without checking out some of the greatest games between of the GOATS of the last decade (and arguably all of football history). We’ll start off with the little Argentine maestro and Barcelona’s five goal masterclass against José Mourinho’s Madrid. This match had everything – a Sergio Ramos red card, Prime Messi/Xavi/Iniesta and the perfect Clasico brawl. They don’t make rivalries like this anymore.

PORTUGAL 3-3 Spain, (2018 World Cup)

Picking this game was a bit tricky. For Cristiano Ronaldo, the ultimate “big game player” it seemed like there were countless classic matches with amazing performances because no other footballer in the last decade excels like him when the stakes are at its highest. But I ultimately went with this game (instead of one of his countless Champion’s League finals, that quarter-final against Juve or that 2019 Atletico Madrid tie) because of how boss this performance was. He scored a great hat trick against the Spanish team in the WORLD CUP!! and even die hard Messi fanboys and neutrals had to applaud. It may not be his greatest ever performance but its worth rewatching –

Dannaz FC 2 – 1 The Saints FC (2018 SociaLiga Season)

Did you think we were going to have a classic match rewatch countdown and not include any of our classic games? Think again! The Saints FC had come into Season 3 of SociaLiga as the winners of the last two seasons and were looking to be dethroned by Dannaz FC. So when they faced off on #SociaLigaMD3, both teams weren’t just playing for the three points, the game was a statement and Dannaz FC had the last word. They won this game and went on to win the Season 3. Saints FC will reclaim their birth right by winning Season 4 but this game was the birth of a modern SociaLiga rivalry

Brazil 1-7 Germany (2014 World Cup)

Most people can remember where they were and how they felt watching this demolishment of the Brazilian team by the German Machines at the WORLD CUP HOSTED BY BRAZIL! It was an insanely entertaining and incredibly uncomfortable watch like you were watching a car crash happen but you couldn’t look away! Even almost ten years later it is still impossible to come to terms with how this happened! What happened to that Brazilian team?! Why did the Germans keep scoring?! How can missing just Neymar (an attacker) destroy a team like this? Rewatch and try to figure it out

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