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Growing up, I found an interest in football when I was 5 years old but my father refused to let me play football. But then at the age of 10, I played a game for my church (St Mary Catholic Church, Ajegunle, Apapa, Lagos) where I became the highest goal scorer. So they told me to invite my parents and that was when my parents finally allowed me to play football because the Priest told them they had to allow me play. That day has motivated me ever since.

I love singing or cracking jokes and my favourite food is rice but there’s nothing I love more than football. Football is my life. It means the world to me. I love the game because it make me see who I really am. It makes me happy. In fact, even when I feel sick when I see a football, I automatically get better and after playing football I feel better! Funny enough, despite my passion I have never been sent off by the referee.

Football inspires me. I look up to all the people who believe in me because they made me who I am today. Especially my father, I lost him 4years ago but the thought of him motivates me every day. In football, I look up to players like Kanu, Hazard, Pogba, Messi and Ronaldo (I can’t choose a favourite!).

The highest point in my football career so far was when I played in two different competitions and I was the highest goal scorer in both and my lowest point was when I played in a competition but did not make it to the finals.

Before a game, I get motivated and inspired by catching some fun with my teammates and planning for the game. My favorite team mate is Adebola Balogun. When I lose a game, I feel sad because I believe any game I lose is because the performance of my teammates and I were not good enough. Regardless, I prefer when the opposition is tough because I think a very tough opponent is much more satisfying to beat than a weak one. Football has made me into the person I am, a person who loves to win.

My name is Angela Awele Mosindi. I play for Dannaz FC and football makes me see who I really am

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