Socia, SociaLiga

When we say we put the “fun” in functions and the party in… “Partyculars,” you would think we’re joking. Please forgive my weak pun but our Games Night always bring the heat and we didn’t disappoint this time.

So sit back and feed your eyes. In fact, this is basically an Owanbe for your eyes. Let’s watch some highlights of our February SociaLiga Games Night.

Ladies first… Take a look at our beautiful guests.

But wait, this isn’t the graphic version of that Rihanna song. “Only girl in the world.” Where are the men??? Well, you’re glad I asked.
Doctor Who with his phone booth, SociaLiga and our photo booth. It’s all magical. Off to the photo booth!!!
It’s called Games Night for a reason. So how about some games. Ready player one? Let’s go.
It’s nice to play games but I like to move it move it, you like to? Move it!!! What are we moving? And where are we moving it to? To the permanent site? Anyway, let’s see some dance moves. Some of our guests got the moves jagger.
Get your tickets for the next Games Night here or via the with the tag @thesocialiga

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