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Enovate x SociaLiga FPL winner impressed with Wema, ALAT

After he received his ALAT for winning the first ever Enovate x SociaLiga Fantasy Premier League mini-league, Oyetolani Oyewolu is impressed by the integrity shown by the sponsors, Wema Bank and ALAT.

Take it to the bank, this is the kind of content we signed up for!

Oyewolu’s El Ganador won the Wema and ALAT backed Enovate x SociaLiga FPL with a total of 2455 points in May.

His reward? The oga has since pocketed the whopping sum of 500k for just playing fantasy football o!

But hold on, it was not as easy as you read it because the Enovate x SociaLiga champ had to battle over eight hundred other managers.

Speaking to recently, the visibly elated (if na you nko?) Oyewolu revealed how the trio of SociaLiga, Wema Bank and ALAT have impressed him with their integrity.

“Of course, i must say i was really impressed with the integrity of the league organisers and sponsors, ” he said.

“It really made an impression on what the Wema Bank and ALAT brands stand for.”

“A big thank you to the sponsors and organisers. You have a very positive paragraph in my 2019 story.”

Of course, you should know that he was asked about our dear SociaLiga.

Sadly, though, he has never been to any of our events but his reason was a very good one (at least for now).

“No, sadly, ” Oyewolu said, after being asked if he had ever attended our events before.

“(Though) I see a lot of coverage of the event online but have not attended any largely because (i) have been away from Nigeria for most parts.”

Wait for it, the promise…

“Yeah, definitely, ” his reply when asked if we will see him on his next visit to Naija.

“Hopefully, the event coincides with one of my trips to my beloved Lagos.”

Did someone just ask how our champ wants to spend his money? Well, we were also very curious to know, too.

“There will always be plans for money, (laughs). I am going to give some of it to church, family and friends, use a good chunk of it to buy a good gift for my wife (she played a very supportive role as always) and Invest the rest of it in the money market.”

Any final words from Oyewolu? You bet!!

“Thank you so much SociaLiga, and thank you to all the league players for a good competition. Look forward to next season.”

Before we end this, wouldn’t you want to also see your account powered by Wema Bank and ALAT via the Enovate x SociaLiga Fantasy Premier League?

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