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#EndSARS Protests In Nigeria

What is going on?

In the span of 5 days, Nigerians all over the country have been protesting in various ways against police brutality and specifically the actions of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad or F-SARS, a unit of the police force. From the trending hashtags to the peaceful protests in front of the government house in Ikeja, it is clear that Nigerian youths have decided that they will not be silenced this time and their voices must be heard.

While the protests have been peaceful, the protesters in Lagos were harassed last night by policemen, weapons drawn like they were a threat. Their tents were seized and the streetlights were turned off to curb their attempts at making their voices heard. There are also accounts of a young woman who was shot by police last night.

Why are we protesting?

Because enough is enough! Nigerian youths have shared their horror stories of profiling, extortion and harassment at the hands of the police and there is a long list of the young men and women who have been killed by SARS. They are peacefully making a stand to end the injustice.

What do we, the protesters want?

The complete scrapping of this unit which seems to be doing more harm than good, and a complete reform of the Nigerian Police Force. They, quite simply, want to put an end to police brutality in Nigeria.

What is the scope?

The protests began in Lagos and has lasted for 3 days so far 

They have also spread to other cities like


Ogun state 

Ijebu Ode 


Ado Ekiti 

Ile- Ife 


What are the authorities saying?

So far, the speaker of the Lagos House of Assembly had interacted with the protesters last night and they were invited to a meeting of the Lagos State House of Assembly this morning.

However statements by the police PRO Frank Mba this morning that “protesters are beneficiaries of crime and pseudo activists” seems to clearly indicate a reluctance by the Nigerian Government to take the demands of the protestors and the Nigerian youth seriously.

How can I help?

You can attend any of the ongoing protests where you live or simply retweet the content online and call/text your representatives here.

You can call and text your LGA and LCDA chairman to ask what they are doing on behalf of their constituents to #EndSARS 

You can sign the petition and share

You can also join one of the ongoing protests nearest to you
Whatever you do, please don’t be silent. Join us at SociaLiga to #EndSARS.

We stand with the Nigerian youths to say no to all forms of police brutality, profiling, extortion that has sadly become the norm in our society. Enough is Enough!

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