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One of the unique things about touring the city is exploring the restaurants and food. Damie Darling is on the quest to finding the right spots so you can save yourself the stress. She recently visited Z Kitchen Lagos and one thing is for sure, if you are looking for a budged friendly restaurant, this Z Kitchen may not be your first option but if you like classy, exquisite service, the you are most likely one of your best options.

I’ve been wanting to visit #ZKitchenlagos for the LONGEST time and i finally made it down there.

It started raining shortly after we got on 3rd mainland bridge and we got drenched while getting into the restaurant because there’s no parking space inside. I was like “girlll, this one that rain has beaten me because of food, the food had better be worth it”.

I ordered the Fisherman Rice while had the Rotisserie Chicken. We waited for over 1 hour for the food to come while drying off, taking pictures, and sipping our drinks.

Long story short, the rice was nice but it wasn’t worth the price at all. Portion was small and you could literally count the prawns. Also, there was no fish in this dish as claimed in the menu so i still feel pretty cheated

I didn’t taste Hamee’s dish so I can’t speak for her, but Z Kitchen’s menu is heavily seafood based, and is NOT a budget restaurant, so if you want something similar, save your money or better still, go try for yourself.

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