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Dear Pep, Something Is Broken At Man City So Fix It

The shock result of the weekend came at The Etihad where Man City was thrashed 5-2 at home. It was a game in which they scored early and everyone expected them to get a routine win in typical Man City fashion. Those sentiments grew stronger as Leicester really failed to show up in the first 20 minutes of the game. All of sudden, Leicester found their rhythm and ripped Man City apart. It just kept getting worse as Leicester ran riot, albeit with three penalties scored.

One definitely expected Man City to concede when the line-ups came and the center-back partnership was Ake and Garcia. They were up against Jamie Vardy after all. However, no one saw five goals coming. It wasn’t just a surprise, it was also an embarrassment for a City side who are expected to bounce back this season and challenge Liverpool for the title. On the evidence of this game, that might be asking too much of them as they are still showing the same weaknesses we all saw last season. They were out of the title race by December last season and if these things continue and Liverpool do their part, it could happen earlier this time around. There is a lot of work to be done by Pep.

Last night, it was confirmed that Portuguese defender Ruben Dias had been signed with Nicolas Otamendi going the other way. While this would definitely strengthen their defense, it doesn’t exactly fix the problem. It looks like something in Pep’s system is broken and it will take more than a signing or two to fix it. He needs to find a way to protect his goal like City did in their back-to-back league triumphs. No title contender should be conceding 5 goals at home or 3 penalties in a game. No title contender should be losing in the manner that City did. You just know that this wouldn’t be the last time we see something like this if Pep doesn’t do something to fix it.  City could be in for a long, painful season.

This is a major challenge for Pep Guardiola. Two straight underwhelming seasons will not be acceptable, considering the expectations with respect to the Man City job. Two straight seasons not being in the title race by January is also not acceptable. If anything, it would be embarrassing. While this all sounds reactionary, the worries have been lingering for a while and there truly is a genuine cause for concern for City fans. It was not a freak result by any means or a one-off poor display. This has been happening for a while. They must not let it fester this season. Dear Pep, fix it.

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