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Dealing with corona virus – a football lover’s perspective

Nothing since World War II in 1939 has disrupted the world of sports like this coronavirus pandemic. There is no football to watch, no football is being played. Sports is at a standstill. Below is a breakdown of the happenings in the world of sports since this 2019/2020 pandemic episode began, viz-a-viz our projections into the future, post- coronavirus pandemic era.

The transfer market might not be the same again. Whew! Thank goodness!

French Politician, Daniel Cohn-Bendit predicted that Kylian Mbappe, one of the most valuable players in the game who was linked to top European giants for around 200 million (of any currency) might be going for a measly 40million ‘tomorrow’.

Make no mistake, this is as a result of a terrible thing, in that the world of football has taken an immense hit financially, but there might be a silver lining in all of this chaos, You think about players like Dani Alves, Thierry Henry, Eden Hazard, Marco Reus and the likes who made such remarkable impact and were bought for peanuts and then you consider the likes of Ousmane Dembele, Joao Felix, Coutinho and the likes, all with their gargantuan prize tags and all contributing nothing and you can’t help but be slightly upset – even as a neutral.

Perhaps post-pandemic period, the transfer market haven recovered from this financial crisis will begin to give players their true value. Because frankly, no one wants to see their team reel out hundreds of millions for players to offer nothing – not now and not ever again.

How teams are coping with the financial implications of COVID-19

Top football clubs especially in Europe, but also in other continents have been left scampering around for financial aids and reliefs to even out their books this period. The furlough scheme in the Uk, which allows employees who aren’t working to still be kept on the payroll of their businesses, howbeit with pay coming from the government was flirted with by the likes of Liverpool and Tottenham, before they rescinded on the decision. Clubs have their transfer budget pressed, and players are being compelled to take pay cuts that might stretch for another 12 months from now – such are the effects of the financial hardships being experienced in the game.

Your fitness is your responsibility – as it has been since the beginning of time

Yes it was a fun bit of trivia when Eden Hazard said he is finding it difficult to rein it in with those snacks during this lockdown. We all had a laugh. Not sure Florentino Perez did though.

Come whenever, when football resumes, we will no doubt see who had been slugging it out in their home gyms trying to keep fit and those who were filling up on buns. It will be much too evident on the field of play.

Sports superstars and Governing bodies are doing great; after this, they must continue in the stead

When the Seria A unveiled its anti-racism poster in Milan late last year – a poster that displayed the face of three monkeys – there was a monumental backlash worldwide. It was a faux campaign against racism that danced around the problem and solved nothing. Similar solutions were touted in other foreign leagues; banners, flyers, false campaigns and plenty nothings. The truth is, racism, specifically the kind seen in football has never been seen by the governing bodies as a problem(at least big enough to warrant major addressing) and so there was never even a reason to find a lasting solution to it.

Coronavirus is a problem.

All the campaign banners in the world wouldn’t change this fact and so solutions were found – because solutions can always be found if the problem matters to the right people. Football was stopped, damning whoever was going to lose money, damning the fans, damning the players, or sports calendars or whatever. Football was stopped and a problem was addressed.
When football resumes, this same mettle should be used to address other issues like the cancer that is racism. What must be done should be done to scamp out the scourge from our beautiful game, damning anyone or anything that might have anything to lose from such necessary actions.

With sports, as is with life, teamwork is everything

“Team work makes the dream work” It’s been quite wonderful to see how well the world has rallied around to surmount this global evil, and very soon it will. Organizations, individuals, communities have all chipped in, in no small measure, contributing their own quota to see that this fight is fought to finish.

The metaphor is not lost on us, that even in a game where team spirit is everything there has been no shortage of players, coaches and teams all contributing to fight this virus.
The ‘big donations and little gestures’ campaign by FIFA amed to recognize the support from all over. Donations coming in the millions(literally) from the likes of Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Pep Guardiola, likewise huge relief funds and voluntary activities coming in from top figures like Jose Moutinho, Robert Lewandowski, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Joe Cole, Jordan Henderson and the entire Liverpool side, Neymar Jr, …amongst others all evidenced an incredible level of solidarity in this difficult period.

The little things have also helped. Challenges like the #stayathome challenge and the #toiletroll challenge, amongst others, all championed and participated in by current and former sports men have help increase sensitization to the precautions necessary to combat this virus.
As FIFA President Gianni Infantino said “These are difficult days, it is a difficult time, and we have one big opponent, it is coronavirus, it is COVID-19.”

We are therefore all encouraged as a footballing community to show unity and solidarity now. We must show that we are all together. Now more than ever ever, we must show that we can play together, we must be a team.

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