A Better You, a Few Things

With the rapid increase in numbers of confirmed cases in Nigeria and the world at large and the uncertainty as regards the impact the virus will have on a lot of things, it’s really hard to keep calm and stay sane. To be honest it’s really taking an emotional toll on most of us!

As a result we thought to some really helpful tips to reduce your level of stress and anxiety to a bare minimum;

Stay informed but don’t turn obsessive!- It’s really important to stay informed in order to know what is happening in the world and the safety measures laid down so you’ll know how to take responsibility and stop the spread of the virus etc. Only stick to information from the WHO,NCDC and other confirmed , reliable sources. However, don’t be that person that won’t go to bed at night until NCDC releases its daily report on cases, it’s like you’re setting yourself up for anxiety, fear and its really counterproductive. Also be careful as regards what you share e.g. Whatsapp BC’s. Ensure you verify any information you get before you pass it on.

Make conscious effort to stay calm- It’s very natural to feel worried nothing is set in stone, we don’t know when social distancing will be over and we’ll be allowed to go work, to a bar or when we will be reunited with our friends and loved ones. It’s hard and we totally get it but you have to understand that there is a limit to what you can control. The best thing to do is focus on what you can control, take conscious steps to reduce your personal risk e.g. washing your hands regularly for at least 20 seconds, sanitizing with an alcohol based sanitizer, practicing social distancing and getting sleep, rest regularly etc . There are things you can control, don’t dwell on the “what ifs”, be your own peace.

Stay Connected, Don’t isolate yourself- Even though we are supposed to practice physical, social distancing don’t cut yourself off emotionally. We are social animals and as such we crave human connection and sometimes without the said connection depression and anxiety can set in. You need to make conscious effort to stay in touch and reach out to your friends and loved ones regularly, place phone and video calls, send texts, watch Netflix and chill together, play call of duty together etc. Whatever you can do to stay in touch do not hesitate to do it.

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