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If I had to summarize who I am and what I do in a few words, I would say Dammy B is a 26-year-old woman looking to add value to the next person and that’s what I am doing with my latest project, the “Twitter Night Market.”


The Night Market is a pagesbydami  initiative where vendors or other people come together and sell services/products at really discounted prices for 3 hours at night. It usually happens at a stipulated date given by pagesbydami.

The idea behind this initiative is pretty simple. I saw that there was a gap. Business owners were dealt a serious blow by Covid-19 which in extension made them increase their prices, and meanwhile, potential customers could not buy because prices were too high. So I thought how I could remedy this…and the idea came to me.

To be honest, even I am not sure yet about the ultimate goal of this initiative or how big it can become. But what I hope for is that I can keep up with the consistency so that everyone can keep benefiting from the initiative. You would think coordinating an entire Twitter vendor community is time-consuming but I don’t see it as time-consuming as I made a personal promise to dedicate my time and some of my resources to them.

This isn’t a role I ever saw myself performing. I used to be a nuisance on Twitter. People like that sort of thing and I gained a large following. But then I noticed that businesses would complain and complain that they were not getting recognition. So I said let me help and I started retweeting business tweets. Then helping them run their giveaways. When someone would ask where to get anything I always had a handle that I’d recommend and that’s how it started. My mind was completely made up when I started my MBA. The MBA has been very enlightening because I cannot even begin to explain the vast amount of knowledge and insight into running a business that I have gained.

Now, I help all and any kind of vendors and even give grants during the Night market to up and coming vendors to help grow their business. At the last Night Market, I gave a 50,000 naira grant to a lucky woman owned business.

So far the Night Market has been a real success! Many many wins. The losses I would say are those businesses that I’ve not been able to touch but everything is gradual. I’ll get there. The most important lessons I have learned so far doing what you do are patience, how to curb entitlement, non-bias, and more insight as to what makes a business tick.

For upcoming vendors and businesses out there, this is my advice. Firstly, always tell yourself every day the reason you are running that business that you are running. Be it income, building a brand/legacy. Always picture your end goal and tailor your business to it.

Secondly, always respect your customers. On some days it might be tough but I just want to remind you that as long as you’re not offering essential services, customers can’t come every day so don’t beat yourself about it. Just continue to look for the tiny ways that you can set yourself apart from other businesses. Either the direct competition or the indirect competition and this mostly comes as “value-added services” “excellent customer care relationship.”

See you all at the next Night Market!

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