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Think of this as not only a chronicle of crazy office experiences but an office survival guide, except instead of preparing you to be more productive at work, it’ll prepare you to face your coworkers, clean up your in-the-office blunders, and cover all your secrets.

Office and Mishaps are probably two inseparable things in life. We have to deal with either or both one way or the other. More times than we would like, we have to deal with both!

Overflown sink
It was a Monday morning and we had yet to start our Monday morning meetings. I decided to quickly make coffee before the meeting. In my scramble, I rushed to use the restroom without closing the tap. When I realized I left the tap running, I ran to the kitchenette as fast as I could. I wasn’t surprised to see that I had overflown the sink but I was surprised nobody else had walked in. I knew what I had to do. I had to call maintenance but I didn’t want anyone to know I had overflown the sink. So I snuck into a friend’s workspace and called maintenance from her line. It played out pretty well. No one knew it was me. They thought it was her.
Lolade, 24, HR Intern

Snacking out loud office mishap
My colleague at work snacks a lot, and very loudly too. I find it irritating and it drives me insane. I had thought of moving to another table but the nature of our job made it unwise. We had to sit next to each other. So, I thought of how to tell him without being rude – I couldn’t. One day, as he was snacking out loud, as usual, I recorded him and made a video out of it. I sent it to him and threatened, or rather promised to make the video go viral if he doesn’t watch it. That was how I soundproof my ears…lol
Victoria, 27, Video Editor

Fire alarm mishap
I had just arrived at work and was going inside the office building. Then I saw the fire alarm was not connected. I thought it was not safe and plugged it back. Nothing happened and the device started working and I was feeling very happy that I had just done such an awesome job.

Then just as I got to my workspace and was about to sit, the fire alarm went on! And it just won’t STOP. Everybody was thinking what’s happening and I was just trying to convince everyone that it’s just a drill and nothing more!

10 minutes passed – the alarm won’t stop blaring. Luckily nothing happened and they finally switched off the fire alarm after about 20 minutes.

Later during the day, I got to know that some work was going on in the building and that was the reason the device was plugged out.

Toyosi, 25, UI/UX Designer

Do you have other even crazier office mishaps? Share them on social media and use the tag #SociaLigaWorkTales! We can’t wait to see them!

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