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It’s been weeks since we had our very first match day of the season and we still haven’t gotten over the thrills, especially the fashion looks.

The nominees dazzled in different stylish fashion pieces ranging from prints, jerseys, to classic Hollywood, whew! They all oozed of glamour and confidence.

Our nominees didn’t only dazzle with their looks, we also had a chat with them. We got to know what inspired their look, their interest and how they found out about us!

Match day 2 is around the corner, get your tickets on our shop page.

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Do you feel you have what it takes to be a nominee on our best dressed list? Match day 2 is around the corner, get your tickets from our shop page and come ready to SLAY!!!

Our eyes are on you, you never can tell, you may just be on our list. Don’t forget all nominees get to win amazing prizes, courtesy of our partner, Jameson.

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