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In the sixth week, 14 housemates got viewers’ talking and rooting for favorite housemates and yesterday saw TolaniBaj, Wathoni, and Brighto join the list of evicted housemates. These evictions came with lots of mixed feelings and confusion for the viewers. Here is a quick recap of the sixth week leading up to Sundays shocking evictions.

Ozo wins HoH for the second time

Ozo wins the Monday HoH challenge and takes the baton from Kiddwaya. He picks Nengi as his deputy but not before he tells Biggie that should she refuse, Dorathy and Vee would be his next picks.

Tasks, cash and more cash prizes

Under Ozo’s leadership, the House managed to turn their wager into a win for only the second time. Their last win also came with him at the helm and the results show that if you want to have a winning week in Biggie’s House, make sure Ozo is in charge. the Housemates winning ways didn’t stop at the Wager as every Task they faced, turned into a success. As a group the Housemates were piping hot during the Indomie “show your style” task. they also cashed in with the Kuda bank challenge and then with the Pepsi music Turn Up challenge which saw Ozo and Trikytee win N1million each among other prizes.  Winning became a way of life this week for the Housemates.

The Love Stories

In the sixth week, the strongest of the love stories remain Neo and Vee’s relationship. The pair keep waxing stronger in love even after their little fights. Kiddwaya and Erica have problems as Erica claims to want more than what they already have and we see Erica crying to Tolanibaj. Prince and Trikytee put on their counseling cloaks, and make Kiddwaya admit he likes Erica but can’t give her more than she’s asking. The ‘counselors’ advised him to be gentle with her and to pay attention to her needs. Kiddwaya proceeded to tell his counselors that he has told every girl he’s been with that he’s not good with emotions, but they still keep falling for him and he doesn’t want to hurt them. He said this is the case with Erica because he really cares about her and doesn’t want her to get hurt. Erica and Laycon also have a lengthy chat. At the end of all this, we see Erica and Kidd “make up”. Shocking.

Getting stronger in the sixth week were Bright O and Wathoni’s ship. The two keep getting stronger even as Bright O told Biggie that he doesn’t have anything with either Wathoni or Dorathy. Dorathy has repeatedly said that she doesn’t want to be the one to block Wathoni from anything with Bright O. Nengi told Ozo that they would remain best friends for life. She also told him that she can’t and won’t date Kiddwaya because he’s just like a brother to her.

Saturday Night Party

The theme for the night was ‘Superheroes’, so as expected the drop consisted of superhero clothes for the Housemates, although Laycon’s fit raised more questions than answers. DJ Switch killed the set from watching how the Housemates partied hard. She seamlessly tied together music from over the years to create a set mixed with current and reminiscent feelings for one and all. Judging by the applause from the Housemates they were completely blown away, with Nengi exclaiming ‘She’s amazing!

Eviction Show

The night saw Big Brother change his eviction method letting go of the eviction method that has come to be synonymous with this season. Last night brought the first BBN lockdown house triple eviction. At the start of the eviction show on Sunday, all the housemates except the HoH and deputy were asked to stand. The first housemate to be evicted was TolaniBaj without the Housemates being called into the Diary Room as usual to cast their votes. TolaniBaj said she hopes her fans are happy with how far she came and that she knows she would definitely be missed at the Saturday parties.

Then a second eviction, which was Wathoni. Wathoni had earlier expressed her wish to get evicted from the show as she seemed not to be getting along with some housemates, especially Erica. when interviewed she said she will be facing fashion and probably TV shows moving forward.

When everyone thought the storm was over, a third eviction struck seeing BrightO leave the house. BrightO aka Littlefinger, a marine engineer became widely popular in the house for his cooking and generation of commotion among other housemates. When asked by Ebuka if he was intentionally “jamming heads together” in the house, said it was just his typical way of acting.

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